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You may recall how Andrew McMenamin opened a crisp sanger shop in Belfast yesterday.


It sold out within two hours.

Not only that.

UTV reports:

“Look, it’s a bit of fun,” Andrew said. “But we’re spinning Belfast positively – it’s Belfast baps from Kirk’s Bakery, it’s Nutty Crust, it’s Tayto. It’s local products, it’s local butter. I believe someone is actually in talks with Ulster Fry to open one in Dublin …”

This could change evNOMNOMNOM

First crisp café left with crumbs (UTV)

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39 thoughts on “Cheese & Funion

    1. martco

      oh no no no

      crisp sandwiches are not to be underestimated atall

      for me it has to be:

      1. (processed to within an inch of its life) Brennan’s standard white sliced pan today’s date X2 slice
      2. serious slab of butter on there pref kerrygold
      3. a bag of king cheese n onion onto 1 slice, use the whole bag carefully arrange as necessary (king is my crisp of choice but have to say currently under serious pressure from those McDonnells ones)
      4. next a light dressing of mayo (Heinz squeezy bottle rather than jar you can zigzag it over)
      5. sprinkle on a little of whatever cheese you might have to hand, grated (pref a decent Cheddar or Red Leicester)
      6. place other slice on top as lid and carefully squish the whole lot together
      7. very important bit…do not eat it yet! make yourself a proper mug of tea (give it time to draw etc) to have with it
      8. crisp sambo, tea and the telly oh yea

      1. Dubloony

        Can’t stress the importance of having room temperature butter enough. A hard slab will rip up Brennan’s bread like tissue paper.

        Still can’t get my head around all the fancy extras people are coming up with – ham, heinz, mayo, cheese – there’s a whole culinary genre I haven’t fully explored.

      2. Gav D

        Cat amongst the pigeons here: Has anyone else tried putting a crisp sambo into a toasted sandwich maker? Its divine. The crisps all bake into a single, warm, crispy layer. Highest recommendation.

  1. Murtles

    Probably be protests outside the Ulster Fry Dublin shop from the Junior Shinners. Peanut lovin tykes, OPEN UP YOUR OWN SHOP SO!

  2. Panty Christ

    Used to put a packet of meanies into a bread roll back in the lá. 25p all in (sobs for ’94)

    1. Mister Mister

      The media are only reporting on the issues of the day.

      There’s nothing better than a crisp sandwich. Hunky Dory Cheese and Onion are my fav.

      What’s yours grumpy Dhaughton99?

    1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

      I would consider the Hunky Dory to be a crisp to be served *with* a sandwich, not in it.

      1. Murtles

        Hunky Dorys and the Walkers ripple crisps I think are dangerous in a sandwich as some of them have the ability to cut the roof of your mouth then you spent all dayt tahkin light thit. Thay away from the Hunty Dothys.

  3. Nikkeboentje

    When I was back in Ireland at Christmas, I drove to the shop one evening to just buy bread and two packets of Hunky Dory salt and vinegar crisps. Delicious.

      1. Nikkeboentje

        I’m almost ashamed to say that my mum’s cupboard had only Walkers ready salted crisps, not even a bag of Taytos in sight!

  4. missred

    Kirk’s Bakery? Is that Iris Robinson’s toyboy ex-lover whom she siphoned off funds to help pay for? I’ll be highly disappointed if not

  5. Custo

    The only reason I’d never go into a crisp sambo cafe is because they probably don’t even give you a 1 slice crisp foldy while you’re waiting.

    1. pissedasanewt

      That’s because everybody knows the brown sauce goes in the big mug of tea you have with your crisp sambo.

  6. everybody

    Quick get the hard hitters at Channel 4 to send in one of their 6th form work experience ‘journalists’ to accuse them of driving up rents and causing homelessness in Belfast…

  7. cacotechny

    On UTV Live tonight, a crisp sandwich shop opens in Belfast, Northern Ireland lose 6-1 to Latvia, and water charges in the Republic. UTV Live is next.

  8. Custo

    The Guardian have a recipe for ‘the perfect crisp sandwich’ that involves making your own crisps, because The Guardian.

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