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It’s about your apples and general sneakiness.

MagicMarkXXL writes:

I Sent the email below to Tesco, they didn’t bother replying.:

Hi Tesco, was recently in your Dundrum [Co Dublin] store and noticed you are advertising that the price of a six-pack bag of apples has been reduced by 20c. Instead, it appears you have taken an apple out of the bag and upped the price by 9c (pro-rata). See photos above. How about: 1) Not doing this anymore. 2) Giving us a few thousand Clubcard points as a thanks for bringing it to your attention…Yours Magic Mark


35 thoughts on “Dear Tesco

  1. Bar

    I think its just a typo. They have a label for a bag of 5 Pink Lady apples but the bag actually had 6 apples in it. They might of got the two bags mixed up.

  2. Freia

    Dear Tesco,

    If I am to now scan and pack my own groceries, so you can cut jobs, please don’t add salt to the wound by using the faceless transaction as a means to offload your lowest denomination coins as well.

    And while I’m at it, turning half the lights off in the store after a certain time might increase your global profits from from €54 billion to 54.0001 billion, but it doesn’t really make me want to shop there again.

    Thanks for every little way you make life just a bit more miserable.

    1. Michael

      The problem here is that people are offloading their low denomination coins into the machine to pay for their groceries. It’s not a conspiracy to make it inconvenient for you.

  3. scottser

    i have heard that some people open up one of the other bags, take an apple out and munch it as they go round the store.

    scottser in no way advocates theft.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Who here can admit to entering a supermarket with a raging hangover and consuming 3 litres of coke by the time the checkout is reached?

      And paying for them….of COURSE.

    1. jonjo

      Think what hes getting at is it says 6 apples on the label on the shelf.
      Both say 670g of apples – so regardless of the number of apples the weight appears to be right.
      In fact, ya might get more bang for your buck because 670g as 5 apples will give you less waste from core etc than 670g as 6 apples.
      So how d’ya like them apples!

      1. Soundings

        Maybe Mark has six childer and he wanted to give them each an apple in their lunch boxes. What is he to do now? Carefully slice a sixth off each apple? But that would mean the other five have cores and the lucky sixth doesn’t. It just upsets the order of the universe.

        1. scottser

          stew them all up, mix with yogurt and give them all equally sized desserts instead.

          it’s ok soundings, from chaos comes order.


    What in God’s name is a ‘Co Du’ store? Also need to close them brackets. Vaya con Dios Brah!!

  5. Odis

    Sick of Tesco’s frequent flim flamery?
    They tried to **** me over with a pizza deal a coupe of months back.

    1) Complain to the assistant and go and get them to check. (They’ll say the store is right but it wastes their time)
    2) If you are really mad just leave your cart so that they have to put it all back. Preferably, half way through the check out. Then –
    3) Take your business to Aldi and Lidl, They don’t deliberately, try to deceive. They just need watching when products have been reduced coz the dates are coming close.

    1. Draxx Ltd II

      So make the poor employees suffer when they had absolutely no input in Tescos poor behaviour?
      Are you one of these rich boys that went straight to college and then a well paid job? You’re attitude stinks of entitlement.

  6. Spaghetti Hoop

    True, nobody trusts their pricing anymore after all the typos and bad maths. But their lack of consistency is what gets me. Compare the Tesco outlets by area and you’ll see the stores in affluent areas are well-stocked and have deli / butcher / fish counters and okra et al, whereas the stores in the poorer areas have stacked up beer slabs, frozen food special offers, less fresh veg, no specialised counters or gourmet/artisan offerings. I think that style of retail-profiling is condescending. Plus they’re hardly being responsible about pushing healthy food choices.

    1. Joe the Lion

      LOL yes they should rearrange their product offering when they know that the queen is coming to the store

      Don’t they know you’re Spaghetti Hoop off the internet?!!!

  7. Disgruntled tesco employee

    I work in a Tesco and shoppers like you are the reason I hate working there. Moaning about all the littlest things instead of shopping around and finding value elsewhere. There is a comment above that said it right. It is a typo. Firstly changes to products happen every day especially in the fresh food and produce Dept’s. And if you have ever worked in retail you would know bosses grill you every day to keep on top of replacing the little strips with prices on them (a.k.a. SEL’s). Secondly you have no idea how hard it is to keep on top of it because they change every day. And thirdly even though it is a typo its not tescos fault its the providers. The barcode matches the products barcode so when a provider/supplier changes their packaging (in this case the amount of apples per bag) it doesn’t truly reflect the product and it takes tescos system a while to catch up. So yes its a typo and doesn’t have any reflection on the price or amount/weight. FYI Tesco doesn’t happen to be the only retailer and the email you sent (trying not to be harsh here) doesn’t bring the slightest bit of attention to them as they would be focusing on larger things like…..oh i donno, maybe the horse meat scandal or the falsifying profits they did this year and trying to cover their own backsides.

    1. munkifisht

      Computer says no! I know you’re working for Tesco’s and reading’s probably not required or encouraged but perhaps you should take two minutes to do your job rather than ripping people off… Oh and if ye hate your job, quit.

  8. Disgruntled tesco employee

    Munkifisht who said I hate my hob? I said shoppers like you folk are the reason I hate working there. Its a grand job, co workers are great and so is the pay. Not that I have to justify myself to anybody here but its putting me through college as a computer programmer which I save the reading for. By the standard of the reply referencing little Britain I can assume you watch garbage on TV which resulted in the inadequite attempt of an insult above. Regardless I do my job like I said and its hard to keep up with because of a slow system like I said (yet I’m the one who doesn’t read). Next time when you try reply do go ahead and read the comment you are replying to.

    1. Disgruntled tesco employee

      Yea I know its not worth my time but its funny to see them sweat over something like 1 apple and a couple of cents in the difference. Great craic all the same

  9. Peig Sayers

    If Mamaí sent Maire to the shop with two shillings to buy apples and Auntie Mairín sent Breda to the shop with 2/6 to buy oranges, but the apples were sold out, how many quarter bags of toffees would Maire be able to buy on the way home if she didn’t pass Father Brendan’s house?

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