Beats Breakfast In Bed


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In fairness.

But still.

The Suzi Rabbit is hardly high-end.


Thanks Alan Daly

15 thoughts on “Beats Breakfast In Bed

      1. scottser

        i noticed the missing ‘l’ just as i hit ‘post’. still, i’d say you could do things with a dido cd that could make most people’s hair stand on end..

  1. Bar

    What are we looking at here? I see an ad banner for mothers day deals and then an unrelated deal for a vibrator.

  2. CousinJack

    Make mummy pleasure herself for mothers day, what kinds message does that send to modern youth, particularly in today’s blended families. I’m already feelin confused

  3. Truth in the News

    The Rabbits are always at it, hence the expression “breeding like

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