‘No Longer A Deterrent’



The Herald reports:

“The €80 clamping fine should be increased to €130 according to Dublin City Council’s parking appeal’s officer. Bill Keilthy has said the fine has not increased since 1998 and is no longer a deterrent to illegal parking.”

“He was speaking as it was revealed that 56,000 motorists had their vehicles clamped last year. The system is also costing more money in Dublin than it makes. Clamping services cost €7m but the revenue it brings in is only €4.2m… Figures show more than 2,300 drivers have been clamped between four and 50 times over the past four years with one person caught 55 times — an average of once every three to four weeks and at a cost of €4,400 in total if the €80 clamping fee is applied.”


‘Increase clamping fines from €80 to €130,’ says Dublin City Council official (Herald)

20 thoughts on “‘No Longer A Deterrent’

  1. medieval knievel

    being clamped every four weeks costs €20 a week; or less than eight hours parking in the city centre. so if you don’t mind the wait to be unclamped, it’s probably a lot cheaper to take the chance (assuming you’ll be caught less frequently than once a week).

    1. the good helen

      you’d be caught daily in the city centre if that is the way you went about parking.

  2. Domestos

    If it’s no longer a deterrent, stop the clamping and see what happens. I’m willing to bet illegal parking gets worse, therefore it actually is a deterrent.

      1. edalicious

        The parking signage on that road is slightly confusing, to be fair, so I can see why people in a rush would get caught out but is only slightly confusing so I’ve no sympathy.

  3. Odis

    Its just greed on the part of the council and what they think they can get away with. If they were after real deterrence why not increase it to €500?

    1. Parky Mark

      People make mistakes and other people take chances.
      I’d rather someone who made a mistake didn’t get a €500 fine.

  4. Mikier

    They need to have decent signs. I work in the IFSC and cars get clamped in the same place every day. So they clamp a car which blocks up the road at rush hour, pointless. People pay for parking and have the sticker on the dash but they don’t see the tiny sign that has a red x in a circle and say 7-10am mon – Fri. They think there is parking available as there is pay stations. The sign is tiny and people get caught all the time.

    Just update it with ‘NO PARKING MONDAY TO FRIDAY 7AM – 10AM’ – I am willing to bet illegal parking would go down 70%.

  5. Mr. T.

    The REAL story here is who Bill (or Liam) Keilthy is. Look him up.

    And by the way, a picture of a private housing estate car park is unrepresentative of the article. Dublin City Council do not clamp in private car parks where they have no jurisdiction.

  6. Blimpler

    “Clamping services cost €7m but the revenue it brings in is only €4.2m”

    The obvious solution is scrap clamping.

  7. JunkFace

    Why not put it up to €1 million? Also charge everybody for the oxygen we breathe everyday. Thing can always be more expensive in Ireland. There should be a sign at Arrivals in Dublin Airport.
    “Welcome to Ireland, give us your cash NOW and go fupp yourselves!”

  8. Fergus the magic postman

    So the fines aren’t bringing in enough money, but he wants a more effective deterrent (which would decrease fines further).

  9. Paul Wally

    How about a sliding scale.
    €10,000 for BMWs, Mercs and other fancy cars (except ministerial cars obviously, they can literally park on top of the proles’ cars)
    €80 for Ford Cortinas, Ladas and any French made cars.

  10. Doolally

    If a vehicle is obstructing traffic (e.g. parked in a bus lane) it should be towed immediately to minimise disruption and cost significantly more to recover, but if a driver has overstayed their ticket in a legitimate parking space €80 seems like a lot of money already. Put parking restrictions in huge red letters on the actual pay stations so that there’s no way people can misinterpret the rules.

  11. Truth in the News

    Why are there no parking meters in the carkpark of council in Woodquay.
    same rates should to the council officals as those on the streets, it
    would bring in much needed revenue.

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