‘They Wanted A Receipt For Incontinence Pads Bought In The 1950s’



Marie O’Connor, chair of the Survivors of Symphysiotomy, with members of her group and supporters outside the Department of the Taoiseach in September 2014

Paul Cullen, in the Irish Times, is reporting that 53 women, who sought €150,000 compensation under the State redress scheme for women who had a symphysiotomy, have been told they won’t receive the money as it “was established they did not undergo the procedure”.

Mr Cullen also reports that retired judge Maureen Harding Clark, who has been assessing the claims, has warned that she might set a deadline for the furnishing of records “as ‘the scheme does not have an unlimited life’”.

Meanwhile, Mr Cullen reports:

[Ms Clark] said she understood some women have been unable to establish their belief they had a symphysiotomy because their records are not readily available.”

“Survivors of Symphysiotomy, a group representing women who had the procedure, said the scheme sets an “impossible” level of proof.”

“One woman was asked for receipts for incontinence pads she bought in the 1950s, [Marie] O’Connor claimed.”


Symphysiotomy compensation refused to 53 women (Paul Cullen, Irish Times)

Government’s so-called “non-adversarial” scheme places impossible and unjust burden of proof on survivors of symphysiotomy (Survivors of Symphysiotomy)

14 thoughts on “‘They Wanted A Receipt For Incontinence Pads Bought In The 1950s’

  1. Walter-Ego

    These poor women who have had medieval and barbaric surgical procedures forced on them now have yet again suffer more abuse from an uncaring Government. They keep putting hurdle after hurdle in front of these brave women from getting the justice they deserve, in the hope they just go away and quietly die. It’s a National disgrace.

    1. Mike

      Yep. Absolutely disgusting situation. Many procedures carried out without patient knowledge. And still made to feel like they are being awkward and insignificant. Nevermind, when’s the next troika bailout repayment due?

    1. Clampers Outside!

      Joan, that’d be your lobotomy, this is about symphysiotomy…. there, there now Joan. Have a lie down. I’ll get a JobBridge intern with big hands, who arrived this morning and has no training, to give you your suppositories.

  2. Joe cool

    I thought this would shock me, but it hasn’t. There is a reason fg never manage two terms. It’s like they purposely set out from day one to sabotage themselves. This is one of a number of absolute travesty that darkens our history.

  3. Jane

    It really takes callousness to a new level, well possibly not, it’s somewhat reminiscent of the state’s attitude to the women involved in the Hep B scandal.

    Since becoming aware of this issue, one joke I’ll never laugh at again is a joke about elder female incontinence. Thinking about all those women who suffered birth injuries and just had to carry on now being mocked – but certainly never helped – because of it is really depressing and misogynistic.

  4. ahjayzis

    “Fine, we’ll give the wagons a few quid to shut them up, but make absolutely sure you twist the knife in them first – we don’t want other people the state has damaged to think they have some kind of right to recompense and justice. Feckin auld nags. Oh, AIB is on the line? 5 billion is it? Cheque in the post by close of play today. Money well spent.”

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