Release The Penguins



The brilliantly insane sheet music for Faerie’s Aire and Death Waltz by the late John Arthur Stump.

Intended more as an unplayable parody – an ‘incredibly creative, erudite and rigorous act of nonsense’ – many have nevertheless attempted to ‘bring it to life’. To wit:

MORE: John Stump, composer of Faerie’s Aire and Death Waltz (Lost In The Cloud)

UPDATE: Just to clarify, as pointed out by fake John Stump in comments, the Synthesia video above bears no relation to the completely unplayable John Stump sheet music. It’s merely an oblique tribute to the Death Waltz meme/legend.


4 thoughts on “Release The Penguins

    1. Mick Flavin

      You aren’t. A few others, including myself, posted admiring comments earlier but they were deleted for some reason.

      1. Bodger

        Apologies all for earlier comment deletion. A technical hitch required us to repost, thereby losing previous comments (which, in fairness, were quite lovely).

  1. John Stump

    As any amateur can recognise, the piece represented as ‘Death Waltz’ bears absolutely no resemblance to the nonsensical musical notation displayed above.
    Of course, the John Stump music is a parody, impossible to perform, but for some reason ‘Death Waltz’ has consistently been portrayed as an attempted performance of the piece; no doubt due to a trolling internet comment at some point or other.
    In fact, the ‘Death Waltz’ video displayed here, just as it sounds, is actually a piece of video game music that someone has ported into the synthesia program. The video game is a relatively obscure (at least in the Western hemisphere) Japanese one called ‘U.N Owen Was Her’ (probably a translation that didn’t have any English equivalent, or something like that), and the music is from a boss fight near the end of the game.

    Actually, I just found a good knowyourmeme article on it all:

    Doesn’t mean the music isn’t cool though, and this performance of it is pretty great!

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