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Alan Hurley writes:

For the sake of balance, you may be interested in this Vote No video. I was going to Vote Yes in the referendum on May 22nd, and so I was making one of those #RingYourGranny / Parents videos. However when I spoke to my dad, he raised a legitimate reservation that made me change my mind. I just hope that people don’t judge me until they’ve heard all the arguments and made up their own minds….

68 thoughts on “Ring Your Parents

    1. Bobster

      No voters perfectly entitled to their opinion. That’s democracy. If gay people were in the majority then the constitution would already provide for same sex marriage. Although, ultimately, if that majority continued to grow, it would lead to the extinction of the human race. Food for thought.

      1. Nially

        Extinction of the human race? You have it all wrong – there’d be so much enforced surrogacy that the babies would take over and doom us all, Maslow-style. Food shortages for thought!

        1. TomCo

          I have a modest proposal to solve the food shortages AND the baby excess. You might find it distasteful but I assure you its an acquired taste.

      2. Stewart Curry

        Food for thought indeed from the recipe book of crazy statements about things that will never happen.

  1. Jane

    And does he mention what this groundbreaking new idea that hasn’t occured to anyone else so far might be?

  2. Operatick

    Tough crowd! Nice vid there, fella. Gave me a chuckle. Don’t worry about the grumps.

  3. JimmytheHead

    Funny, just checked the audio waveform and its the same guy. talking to himself. pretending to be his own dad.

    im guessing his father isnt as much of a sellout bigot as he wanted.

    vote yes

    1. arghonaut

      Sellout bigot? So, you checked the audio waveform but didn’t watch the video…?

      I mean, it’s hardly hilarious but the point of it is that a yes vote is the only reasonable and decent option. How is this sellout bigotry?

      Of course it’s not really his dad, it’s a comedy sketch.

    2. wedduck

      why would someone voting No to the Presidential referendum be considered a sellout bigot?

    3. jOKER

      First thing I thought as it started was “wow that dad voice sounds like a really poo version of the guy in the video?”

  4. Anomanomanom

    It’s poo like this that has made me decide to mind my own business about other people’s voting choice and just vote what i like. By law of averages at a few people on here saying they’ll vote yes will actually vote no and vice/versa. So why not just take care of your own vote and not ram the bollix from both sides down people’s throats.

      1. Anomanomanom

        I was commenting on the video it’s self, its the constant commentary and what not I was talking about

  5. ReproBertie

    He should have called my dad if he what Jimmy says is true. Both my parents are voting No and proud of it. Their reason for voting no is the every child deserves a mother and father and there’s no shaking them (I tried, believe me). They’re completely signed up to the surrogacy stuff denying children their mother. “They can’t say Christmas in America” my mother told me. “If this passes we probably won’t be able to say Mother or Father.”

    Their No votes cancel out my and Mrs. Bertie’s (sorry ladies) Yes votes so the rest of you will have to make the decision. I’m relying on you to do the right thing.

      1. ReproBertie

        My comment was a response to a comment by Jimmy rather than to the video but thanks for the congratulations. I’ll take them home with me now like a song in my heart.

    1. ReproBertie

      I don’t know about everybody else but I can’t watch videos in work. I will later though.

    2. Tony

      The video was quite funny.

      The parade of knee-jerk comment numpties above, though…hilarious!

        1. Tony

          Ah here. I was only slagging the numpties who commented without watching the video all the way through and realising it was a pisstake. Now you’ve hurt my feelings. I shall be voting no as a protest.

          1. Don Pidgeoni

            Tony, I feel you are bullying my intolerance of your use of the word numptie. STOP PERSECUTING ME!11!

      1. JimmytheHead

        Im sure everyone who watched the video appreciated how hilarious he was pretending to be a weak little idiot whos dad is sexist. totes hilare babez

    3. FoxFire

      Seems that way alright.
      Well I have to say, he’s convinced me anyway! Vote NO! :)

    4. Goodnight Ireland

      That is the most interesting part of this. It’s a piss take job. Obviously a lot of people just knocked it off mid stream.

    5. curmudgeon

      I’d love it if the admins would ban accounts who comment without reading the article or watching the video before posting. They are the cancer that kills all online fora. So many online communities ruined by these absolute muppets.

      1. Martin Heavy-Guy

        I have to say it’s pretty interesting to see though: If you take the logic of this type of knee-jerk and apply it to the whole referendum it makes a lot of sense why people are still even debating what should be a dead heat.

        1. curmudgeon

          My beef is bigger than this issue, it’s with everything that is posted to the site. Idiots are ignorantly commenting with no knowledge of what the subject is beyond the headline. And right now there is no recourse, it just pollutes the comments section. I happen to like the comments sections on certain sites, I hate to watch this one go south.

      2. NiallOK

        I’d love it if the admins would ban accounts that just wait to pounce on people who comment without reading the article or watching the video and ‘congratulate’ them for doing so.

  6. collynomial

    I think it’s staggering how little debate there has been around the 21 year old presidents issue. I honestly haven’t heard one argument neither in favour nor against other than arguments which were they presented as arguments for or against marriage equality they’d be torn to shreds.

    I think I do need help to make up my own mind there. I mean I can’t see a reason not to let 21 year olds or 28 year olds or 34 year olds for that matter run for president.

    If there really was an issue with them being president, the electorate of the day would just not vote for them. I can’t see a reason that people today are wiser than the people tomorrow, moreover, I can’t see why we should be allowed to dictate how future generations should run the country.

    1. jeremy kyle

      I’ll be voting yes, I mean I’ve no problem letting younger people run simply on principle, but when it comes down to it I can’t really see Ireland ever electing a president in their twenties.

      1. curmudgeon

        Yes many people seem to think this but imagine if the leaders of the 1916 rising had survived. All would have been contenders for the office of president and most were under 35.

    2. Paolo

      There is no argument against it. If you are interested in equality then the idea that numptys like virtually everyone in the Oireachtas would have a right to be president but others wouldn’t, by virtue of their age. Their should be no minimum age. The only factor determining someone’s candidacy should be whether people are willing to vote for him/her.

    3. Goodnight Ireland

      I’ll vote no. The idea of a president in their early twenties is laughable. People at that age haven’t the life experience to hold the post. Having said that, it is largely a ceremonial position.

      1. ReproBertie

        The idea of Dana as president is laughable which is why the electorate rejected her.

        Passing this referendum won’t make a 23 year old president. It’ll just give them the opportunity to go from county council to county council trying to convince the councillors to back their bid.

        1. Pray For Mojo

          I’m just gonna put this out there and see if you will still vote yes to changing the age to 21- it passes, Niall Horan decides to put his name in for President…oh dear.

          1. Kieran NYC

            He’s eligible to run for the Dail, but hasn’t. So therefore this is an unlikely scenario.

            The closest we’ve ever come to a ‘celebrity’ candidate is Gallagher. And most people looking back realise what a mistake that would have been.

          2. ReproBertie

            Even if he decided to put his name in that’s not enough to get him on the ballot sheet. He’d have to convince TDs or County Councillors to back his bid in order to run.

      2. jeremy kyle

        Yeah, but in fairness lowering the age doesn’t make a difference really – the person still has to go get elected and their age will hang over them the entire time for obvious reasons.

        That said, it could work out advantageous in a way if you don’t have a long political career for your opponents to sift through during the campaign and use against you.

        1. scottser

          the president’s role includes the dissolution of the dail and recommending legislation to the judiciary for a test of its constitutionality. in both cases you want someone who can stand up to the taoiseach on behalf of the office of president. a young candidate could be more likely shoved into the role by a party as a safeguard to party interests without argument, also, it’s a role better fitting someone with experience to draw on, not someone starting out a political career imo.

  7. John Braine

    A c’mon. This was really well executed.

    Climb out from the bottom half of the Internet once in a blue moon. Studied the fupping waveform. Jesus.

  8. Tibor

    Decent idea, but that was the worst old man impression I or anyone else has ever heard, and at 15 I once tried to impersonate my dad in a phone call to my school.

    1. Ppads

      Mind you, he would sick of travelling and therefore not use it as an excuse to have a world holiday like the present.

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