Meanwhile, At Leinster House



This morning.

Kildare Street, Dublin.


Thanks Alan Kinsella

46 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At Leinster House

  1. jojo

    I once had a woman telling me on o’conell street that the government was actively killing babies in hospitals with the new laws (case x etc), her pamphlet was of course filled with pro life tripe.

  2. Ms Piggy

    Co-herent, classy, and entirely appropriate use of stock photos. Ticks all the usual boxes.

  3. Odis

    Party Whip on Abortion was brown envelope. Does this make Enda Kenny a hit man, I wonder?

  4. Wayne.F

    The usual zealot Iona and pro life nuts, want an investigation into an abortion carried out under, new legislation. Despite the report being submitted to, the minister of health saying there was No issue, with the referral psychologist, the pro life lobby think he was a baby killing, godless nut, that approved the procedure to feed his list for murder

      1. Wayne.F

        Yeah Ok, I hope you find great joy in my literacy flaws as a result of a disorder that I have no control over.

          1. Wayne.F

            It’s not bit there are plenty of medically recognised conditions, that lead to issues with spelling, punctuation and other literacy based issues. But I guess it is easier to mock and bully people with them than understand them

  5. ReproBertie

    Ironic for them to claim the unborn were guilty before proven innocent given they follow a religion that believes all children are born bearing the guilt of original sin.

    1. AlisonT

      Not everyone who is against abortion believes in the Bible you know. Some people develop their own opinions.

      1. Stephanenny

        I’ve not met a single one yet though. There also isn’t a single anti-choice group in Ireland that isn’t run by religious conservatives.

      2. Grace

        Against abortion? Simple, don’t have one yourself. I think its really frustrating that people take this black and white stance on this issue, without ever considering the medical/economic/relationship situation that the WOMAN involved might be in. I think the best thing do is to let her decide what is in the best interests of her own body, and if that’s an abortion, so be it.

      3. sickofallthisbs

        Careful! People around here don’t like to be disagreed with or have their narrow minded understanding of the world challenged!

      4. ReproBertie

        AlisonT I was commenting from the presumption that this is a Youth Defence/Iona stunt. After all, who else has the money, motivation and fanaticism?

  6. Drogg

    I find it hard to fathom the mind that could honestly think these where appropriate. I think these where something to do with the life institute and that muppet Niamh Uí Bhriain.

      1. Drogg

        Ha ha ha, the reason i think its the Life Muppets is because they have been releasing statements and accusations all morn aimed at Varadkar so id say this is part of that campaign.

  7. phill sheehy

    Im pro choice, and have major issues with spuc, iona etc. but at least they will pull some votes from enda next election

    1. ahjayzis

      And hand them to Lucinda.

      Who’s aiming to prop up FG in another coalition.

      Plus ca bleedin’ change.

  8. nogoodstartthecans

    Game is over, a long time ago. Irish girls and women are already having abortions, just not on Irish soil. The only thing left to resolve is abortions in emergency cases. These, our fellow citizens, who deserve respect, are only concerned with wo en too poor or too sick to travel, being forced to bring a pregnancy to term, no matter what.
    I think I retract my respect, now that I think about it.

    1. Odis

      Good point I thought they were supposed to leave a trail of blood an’ gubbins all the way to the litter bin, or whatever receptacle, these medical murderers, use to perpetrate their crimes against humanity, nowadays?

  9. nellyb

    Why not to talk to Garda Commissioner about unreported/concealed irish homicides abroad? Law is there and there is enough lawyers who subscribe to 8th amendment to keep pressure on Gardai.
    Or may be they do talk, but I don’t know. Anyone care to share?

  10. Shanti

    Oh for goodness sake.. When will these nuts learn to respect democracy? The law covered the X Case to the letter and didn’t budge an inch past it. They legislated for what was already legal. ffs, I bet these loons will be out complaining that gay marriage gives gay couples the same legal rights as heterosexual couples and that the government are ignoring the people for years to come given the factthattheylost this argument back in 1992..

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