A Meeting With Justice



Fr Niall Molloy

The family of Fr Niall Molloy will meet the Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald tomorrow – almost 30 years to the day since the priest’s death.

Fr Niall was killed in bizarre and unresolved circumstances at Kilcoursey House, Clara, Co Offaly on July 8, 1985.

Fr Niall’s nephews Bill Maher and Henry McCourt will discuss the government-commissioned review released in March.

While it recommended no further inquiry into the case as the passage of time “made it impractical” it also disclosed fresh anomalies in the case.

This will be the first time relatives of Fr Niall have met a serving Minister for Justice. All previous requests were refused..

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17 thoughts on “A Meeting With Justice

  1. Lordblessusandsaveus

    Someone important killed him. Other important people don’t want the people who know who it was.

    People like this look after each other, no matter what they’ve done.

    1. scottser

      hawking outlines how time moves quicker at higher altitudes. so, if you lived at the top of mt everest, then i guess 25 years would be nearer the mark.

      1. Anne

        That was Einstein.. General relativity.,.. the gravity of a massive body – such as the Earth – warps the space-time around it, causing the flow of time to speed up or slow down depending on its distance from the mass.

        1. Anne

          apologies.. not really related to our authorities not being bothered with investigating a murder, due to it being impractical.

        2. scottser

          i often look at my own massive body and think ‘ah, i’ll start exercising tomorrow’..

          1. Anne

            Time slows down too if you are still, and speeds up if you move.. so incentive to not bother.

            Back to Fr. Molloy. In what sense is further investigation impractical?

            In terms of the McGinn report on this from April, I don’t understand how pertinent witnesses can’t be forced to answer questions..

            it is unlikely given the passage of time, the death of many of the pertinent witnesses and the reluctance of others voluntarily to give evidence, that any further inquiry would have a reasonable pro sect of establishing the truth.

  2. Anne

    “While it recommended no further inquiry into the case as the passage of time “made it impractical”

    That really is an absolute disgrace.
    I was only watching one of those crime story programmes last night.. and this guy -https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerald_Mason – was arrested and convicted for killing 2 police officers 45 years after the event, in the U.S.

    A lot of the people at that house are still alive – Ralph Parkes from Limerick for one.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Agree. Many a murder case remains open, yet there’s a consistent attempt by the authorities to keep closing this one.

    2. Bill Maher

      There are many people still alive that can help in the case. the guards could start by getting a list of all the people who were there that day. But then again they probably already know ??

    3. Atticus

      Obviously playing the long game, just like the victims of Symphysiotomy. Just wait long enough until everybody is dead.

      1. Siju cat

        100% standard tactics. My uncle who worked in the department of education had to go and contest cases where severely handicapped children were looking for education in the home. They just waited them out.

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