The Emperor’s Stylist



Government press secretary Feargal Purcell

Fintan O’Toole likes stories ( “Who will dare say out loud ‘emperor has no clothes’?”). Incomplete, one-sided stories are his favourite kind.

In these, it’s okay to leave out any fact that doesn’t suit your narrative.

Fintan chose to leave out some basic facts about the approach of Enda Kenny’s Government to dealing with Ireland’s financial crisis.

As the Taoiseach has said repeatedly, Ireland’s recovery is based on the forbearance and resilience of the Irish people, and that recovery remains fragile.

However, it should be acknowledged, this Government removed job-damaging income tax increases from the original bailout agreement, with no income tax increases in Budget 2012, 2013 or 2014. Budget 2015 saw income tax reductions benefitting 742,000 people. 330,000 individuals were removed from the USC entirely in Budget 2012. A further 87,000 were removed from the USC entirely in Budget 2015….

…Enda Kenny’s Government has pursued pro-growth, pro-jobs policies with a range of measures to support small business, growth in jobs-rich sectors and foreign direct investment. Enda Kenny himself has explained this approach in full at two press conferences subsequent to his original comments but Fintan O’Toole, and others have chosen to ignore that completely. I guess it didn’t suit the narrative either.

Feargal Purcell, government press secretary.


Irish Times Letters

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27 thoughts on “The Emperor’s Stylist

  1. ollie

    Kenny lied about income tax increases, vat increaes and prsi increases. suck it up Purcell.

    1. Anne

      He probably didn’t lie.. he probably just hasn’t a bull’s notion.
      Like when he was rambling on making an eegit out of himself on RTE that time –
      “And I think it should also be said Eileen, if I may say so that the average worker, a single worker on the minimum wage of 35,000 is going to get back €400 in the income tax returns starting in January.”

      Minimum wage – 35k?
      Income tax returns starting in January.. hmmm Income tax returns.. starting in January doesn’t make much sense.

      I’m not sure if he’s a liar or just completely incompetent or both.

      1. Anne

        I can see where he went wrong there..
        ” if I may say so”.. don’t.. Just don’t say anything Enda. Nod and smile.

        1. bisted

          …agree with above…he has been ‘handled’ and ‘managed’ out of existence…he just vomits out whatever soundbite he’s been given. It’s people like Purcell that run the country and even elected people in FG can’t influence that. Was always so…Tony Benn once talked about treason in high places and this country is no different.

          1. Joe cool

            The most worrying thing about him, is the fact that he is the longest in the Dail. You’d think he might be able to
            A. Answer a question off the bat
            B. Do an interview that’s not been staged managed to within an Ince of its life.
            C. Debate that is similar to b

  2. Atticus

    “Government press secretary Feargal Purcell” attacks journalist that criticises the government. Well I never..

    1. Nessy

      I was thinking the same.
      “Enda Kenny doesn’t bad comments made against him… And Fintan O’Toole has been a very naughty boy for making them..”
      Burton wept

  3. rotide

    Prediction Bingo!
    The term blueshirts, hyperbole, statement proclaiming this to be the worst nation on earth.

  4. ahjayzis

    “Government press secretary Feargal Purcell” is where everyone should stop reading. Spin-doctors aren’t renowned for their honesty, clarity or personal integrity.

  5. Mr. T.

    I’d say the cynicism and scorn for the general population within the government press office is thick and heavy. The most arrogant, offensive and bad mannered government we’ve ever had.

  6. george

    “Job damaging income taxes” employers do not give a shit how much tax their employees pay. This is nonsense.

  7. More_Bermuda_than_Berlin

    When it comes to narrative, FG and Labour have incredible form – they have spun a story that claims to have magic-ed a recovery out of thin air, while ignoring the facts that don’t fit (massive emigration, increased suicide rates, cuts in services to the sick, etc. – all photoshopped out of the fantasy being spun by Feargal Purcell.

    The irony would be delicious if it wasn’t for the, you know, emigration, suicide, and stuff.

    1. rotide

      You are seriously trying to tell us that the massive wave of emigration that this country has seen is Fine Gaels fault?

      Really? Nothing at all to do with the little bump in the economy that happened on the previous governments watch?

      You are some gobsh1te.

      1. More_Bemuda_Than_Berlin

        And therein lies the reason I don’t look at Broadsheet much any more

  8. DD

    “no income tax increases in Budget 2012, 2013 or 2014”

    PRSI increase is in all but name AN INCOME TAX INCREASE.

    Another fine gael lie.

  9. King Thistle

    When your press officer has to write letters to the paper to cover your mess – you’ve lost. When he has to say things that you should have said, or nuance things you did say – you’ve lost. He should just accept that he’s lost this one and move on… And the press guy should not think he’s the white house spokesman. Nobody is fooled by any of it.

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