Is Your Baby Teething?


Natasha Sherling, Jewellery DesignerNatasha Sherling, Jewellery Designer

Don’t strike it with a rolled up copy of the evening paper.

Wear Irish-made smallandme jewellery.

Bracelets, necklaces and even spatulas.

Beautiful enough for YOU to wear.

Delicious enough for YOUR child to gnaw.

Kate and Natasha write:

We have started our own company! It’s called small and me and it’s about bringing innovative products to fun, stylish parents. The chewable jewellery line is made from food-grade silicone (just like baking spatulas and re-usable cupcake cases), and is perfect for soothing during the teething process.

They are for parents to wear while holding their baby, the necklace clasps pop open easily with a gentle tug, and every jewellery piece can be easily cleaned with warm soapy water – or popped in the dishwasher. We like to think they make great gifts for new mums….



Irish made stuff marked ‘Irish made stuff’ to No fee no nibbles.

30 thoughts on “Is Your Baby Teething?

  1. ahjayzis

    Your Newbridge Silverware days are over, you vomit-covered brood-mare. Have some plastic.

  2. Laughter Tack.

    Ahh lads, the price of those is hilarious.

    I tried guessing the price before I clicked and then did “Irish website” price multiplication. I said 10 maybe 15 at most!!


    1. The Bird in the Box

      mad prices, even for Irish stuff. I’ll just give the kid the silicone spatula to chew instead.

  3. Bill

    Typical Irish high prices, greedy as usual. Does ‘irish made’ really mean “sure add another 20 euro on there Mary”.

  4. Custo

    Nice idea. Just make your own.

    40 quid for a bit of rubber on a bit of string indeed. Irish people are the worst.

  5. Lynsey

    Ah come on now lads, price-wise these aren’t bad at all. I don’t even have kids, but I’d spend that money on a necklace I really liked. I’m sure if it’d quieten the screaming, if I were in that position I’d gladly pay that!

      1. Joe the Lion

        No they won’t. They might sell some replica but these handmade pieces made locally have far more value.
        I’m sure that’s what you meant though in between mouthfuls dripping with snarky irrelevant bile.

  6. Bill

    A quick search on Amazon and I found teething jewelery a lot nice than these and for a fraction of these prices. These are just greedy mothers who don’t want to go back to work so decided to steal an idea of a product that already exists and double the price.

  7. magic Tom xxl

    I think that they are meant to look good first, be fashion, make nice, be pretty and cool and go well with outfits and then not get broken, choke or damage your baby either at the same time. Which other necklaces etc I assume do. And I certainly cannot put a value on what a lady thinks she wants for fashion. Because the stuff they buy is mental.

  8. Caroline

    Thank god, I really need more ways to efface my being in the service of my children! Could we maybe come up with a full-body chewable suit next, then my kids can soothe their gums, hell they can p*ss, sh*t and vomit all over me too, and I can just lie there on the ground, rolling around and laughing in delight! Like I do already!

  9. magic Tom xxl

    hey hunni, I got you a pressie, it’s a spatula. I could have got you a necklace that’s looks nice and the baby can’t wreck it but fupp it. it was too pricey. I got you a kitchen utensil instead. love you!

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