7 thoughts on “How Packaging Works

  1. meadowlark

    That Piriteze is a disgrace. Six tablets? You can get plenty more than that for the same money AND less packaging.

  2. Domestos

    Like my penis alongside an unrolled condom.
    What’s the line here people? Little bit of self-hate + little bit of filth = slight mirth?

  3. ahyeah

    I have found that tight underwear has the effect of making my penis seem quite a bit bigger than it actually is, which is, I suppose, a form of misleading packaging.

    (And let’s not even mention my habit of trimming my public hair to achieve the same effect)

  4. Daisy Chainsaw

    A sixpack of crisps Tayto/Walkers/whatever will fit into one regular sized sandwich bag. All six of em! And the plastic is much quieter than a normal crisp bag when you smuggle it into the cinema!

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