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Trinity [College, Dublin] asking staff to host/let spare rooms to deal with the housing crisis and lack of student accommodation…

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    1. Well that's that

      I saw an article saying that the 12k tax-free exemption doesn’t count for renting rooms and now the 9000 air bnb property renters in Ireland owe a retrospective tax bill to the Revenue. How is this different? (P.S. 12k isn’t enough for the lost sleep as a digs student stumbles up your stairs at 5am with a “guest”. I was that student once, my landlady hated me hahahaha

      1. DoM

        It’s the rent-a-room scheme – it doesn’t apply to short term rentals.

        You sure you read that article?

        1. Well that's that

          What’s the definition of short-term? One night? One week? One semester?

          Thanks in advance for not being so condescending in your reply.

          1. DoM

            You wrote that “the 12k tax-free exemption doesn’t count for renting rooms” – that’s the rent a room tax exemption you’re talking about?

  1. The Old Boy

    I knew a man who let out two bedrooms in his house to students. He was so tight that he fitted a padlock to his fridge.

  2. Parochial Central

    Why not hit up the property developers whose sons and daughters are in TCD for free? I am sure there are plenty of rooms in their developers around the quays they could set aside for students…

  3. JunkFace

    Congratulations to the Irish Government on the massive C0CK Up! They’ve only had 4 years to do absolutely nothing about the Dublin Housing crisis. Mission Accomplished!

    1. Cluster

      Where was the money to come from for house building?

      Nobody here seems to want to pay more taxes or charges

        1. dereviled

          I agree.
          Hundreds of thousands of houses were built outside the bounds of carefully devised town plans. This was sanctioned by local government.

  4. The Bottler

    Once wondered what was keeping all the planning officials busy these days? All very busy covering their collective are sous over all the fire traps constructed in recent years!

  5. the good helen

    that 12k housing tax free exemption is only for long term rent. Not short term so people really need to make sure they are looking into it correctly.

  6. Kolmo

    The wasted space of the Phoenix Park should be used as a large tent camp to solve the festering lassez-faire housing bubble, large dormitory type tents, for as far as the eye can see, military bunk beds, buses laid on for working, tax-paying commuters and students, portaloos and showers, lodgers will pay competitive rents for the area, all handled by a competent well-placed property agents/partners, 35 on-site starbucks shops will provide food and stupid coffee, parking will be available at competitive rates, living area for each lucky Phoenix Project resident will be approximately a bijou 3sqm, perfect for modern living. Excellent short-term investment opportunity for the cunning investor to exploit the painful mismanagement of our fair republic, see refugee holding centres for further details.

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