Yeezus, Mary And Joseph





This afternoon.

BT2, Grafton Street, Dublin.

Emily writes:

Queues for [limited edition] Kanye [West]-designed Adidas shoes…on sale in the morning

44 thoughts on “Yeezus, Mary And Joseph

    1. Mister Mister

      I like to think he’s talking a load of cop-the-f-on and get yourself a woman to the young lad who’s his grandson.

  1. spud1

    They’ll have some craic when the Fri night drunks roam up and down Grafton St into the wee hours…

    1. Clampers Outside!

      I can see the scene….

      Unfortunate Guy: “Giz a few bob fer deh hostel will ya”
      Queue Guy: “No, I’ve only enough left for these ridiculously over priced designer trainers by some rapper dude”

  2. Seriously

    Most of these people know how much they can flip those shoes for online, they could easily clear a few hundred euros for sitting out there on their hole reading a book.

    Meanwhile I’m stressing out for (almost) minimum wage all day, yep they’re the idiots….

      1. Seriously

        they queued overnight outside an estate agent. Didn’t realise it was that bad!

        Anyway I say fair play to them, this is Capitalism in it’s purest form, buy some shite that’s in limited supply (that other people want) then re-sale at a higher value. If people are willing to pay over the odds because it’s from Kanye then that’s their own problem.

      2. All the good ones fly south for winter

        Flipping houses is hard because houses are heavy I knew a shoplifter who never lifted anything heavier than a kiosk.

        1. Domestos

          There was a busker sitting on the street and one day some other guy came up and gave him some free drugs a vial of some green stuff which the guy inhaled and then got really strong and he was able to go into a shop nearby and carry the cash machine out with his bare hands his bare hands but the stuff wore off after a while and his bones collapsed and he died

  3. Derek Walsh

    Why would anyone think Kanye West would be good at designing shoes? Did he study design in college? Does he have a degree in podiatry we don’t know about? And have you seen how the guy dresses? I wouldn’t trust the guy to pick a pair of shoes that have actually been designed by a qualified shoe designer, let alone set him free in the Adidas labs to create his own.

    1. Mani

      ‘Mr West, here are a selection of shoes, which ones do you like?’

      ‘Imma gonna go for those shoes that look like a slipper sleeping on a tyre’

    2. Clampers Outside!

      It’s nothing to do with being able to design, it’s his brand that sells to the celeb obsessed gimps of the world. His wife has a perfume for fupp sake :) Probably shoulda called it, Famous for Nuttin’ but Fuppin’

    3. Jess

      Its like when David Beckham bring out a perfume when his chemistry training is only rudimentary.

  4. rotide

    Didn’t we have a really similar story to this a few weeks ago with similar predictable comments?

    Look, if they like sneakers or kanye or whatever, let them queue. They’re hurting noone.

    1. Stewart Curry

      Exactly. It’s like slagging off people who queue for good seats at Wimbledon so they can spend hours watching people hitting a green ball over a fence within very specific boundaries.

  5. Karen

    Gonna call shenanigans on this, I’m betting its a BT2 publicity stunt. Most of those chairs are empty, they’re mostly the same type of chair so they’ve been put out by the store and the people milling in those photos look very unlike Kaynes band of brainless followers

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