“Look At Them, They’re All Just Standing There”



“I mean, should I be going down here?”

Cyclist Ben Vezina meets a field of terrifying ‘zombie kangaroos’ riding in Hawkstowe Park near Hurstbridge, Melbourne, on Sunday.

‘I’m a little terrified’: Cyclist films unnerving encounter with kangaroos (TheAge)

Thanks Mark Geary

11 thoughts on ““Look At Them, They’re All Just Standing There”

  1. Parky Mark

    So the kangaroos stand and watch him in case he’s a threat, and then some hop away. Sounds really terrifying.
    I assume he doesn’t cycle on roads with traffic as cars are just way too scary for him to handle.

    1. benny

      Yarp. You can get a similar experience running on the back roads in the Phoenix Park of a morning – the deer tend to panic and run in random directions around you. That said, kangaroos might be more inclined to mess you up.

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        I was just thinking of the deer in the Park – they too adopt a frozen stance when humans approach – much like the ‘roos above. I don’t know why people are so terrified – it’s nature.

  2. Liamo

    Kangaroo 1: So we were all hanging around in our natural environment when this strange creature with an imaging device came along and disturbed our breakie.

    Kangaroo 2: Silly humans.

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