Saturday night.

Ciaran writes:

Portobello pub [South Richmond Street, Dublin], charged the same price but one is 4% the other 5.3%??

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  1. human

    Loike oh no what a mad world we live, right? Better get this on the Internet like you know, this is like crazy!

    1. meadowlark

      No but why change the alcoholic content? The two bottles are for all intents and purposes identical. So why two different contents?

      1. 3stella

        When Kopparberg Berry was originally launched in 2007 it was 7.3%, some pubs refused to stock it due to it’s high ALC content and Alco pop association, the makers then reduced to 5.3% and seemly now have reduced further to 4%, which is now under most mainstream lagers.

          1. 3stella

            I remember seeing a German family (kids & all) tucking into a couple of lunchtime bottles with their meal seemly unaware a few of those 7.3% would get you totally rubbered!

    1. Bob

      I don’t think it should be. More excise has to be paid on the higher alcohol content, so you’d expect that to be sold to the car at a higher price. So either the bar is taking less of a margin or they’ve been stinging customers by not passing on the price drop, depending on which stock they got in first.

  2. wearnicehats

    The difference is probably that one bottle was bought in the cash and carry in Dublin and the stronger one was bought in the cash and carry in Newry for half the price – savings not passed on. Same for Heineken – if you get a 5% bottle of Heino it wasn’t bought in Southern Ireland as they only sell the 4.3% pish here

  3. Murtles

    Well I for one am not only outraged, I’m inraged as well. Plus two Koppaburgs will send you into a diabetic coma they’re so sweet.

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