Eircode And A Pattern Of Non-Competitive Tenders For Consultants


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From the chapter on Eircode in the Comptroller and Auditor General’s Report on the Accounts of Public Services 2014 published today.

Good, familiar times.

The Development Of Eircode, The National Postcode System (C&AG)

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9 thoughts on “Eircode And A Pattern Of Non-Competitive Tenders For Consultants

  1. Posh Bloke from The Simpsons

    Having lost way too many monocles, I have simply given up being shocked at this country’s corruption.

  2. edalicious

    Mother of gawd. I wouldn’t be surprised if these guys had accidentally lost the equivalent of my yearly wage down the back of the couch.

  3. ahjayzis

    Keep calm everyone, the democratic revolution that will, as promised, rid us of this kind of administrative filth will DEFINITELY kick in at some point before the next election. Definitely.

    You kind of want to give up on the place…

  4. phil

    Its like bloody whack a mole, you expose one set of dubious practices and by the time you turn around there is another one…

  5. ahjayzis

    At some point it’ll become a virtue for your ordinary citizen to do as much as possible to withhold taxes from this mess if they keep pissing our money up against walls and into their buddies pockets like this.

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