For Your Consideration: Danny & Dante



Episode 1.

Robert writes:

A new Dublin based webseries – whose first episode (above) is released today “Danny & Dante” is a five part comedy/drama about two twenty-something guys who chance upon the idea for an App for the discerning non-hipster. Each episode is 5/6 mins in length with episodes released every Wednesday for the next four weeks. It has mature dialogue and might be considered NSFW.

Music: : Hold Our Own by Houdini

Reviews welcome below.

Danny And Dante

5 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: Danny & Dante

  1. On The Buses

    The ADR work leaves a lot to be desired. As does the content of the dialogue and the non descript accent from the bearded guy.

    Only a matter of hours before RTE give them a contract.

  2. gallantman

    On the plus side, Ashling the housemate seems a decent actress.
    Suggestion: Give her all the dialogue in the next 5 episodes.

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