Blood, Sweat And Cheers



Ireland fly-half Ian Madigan salutes the crowd after Ireland beat France 24 – 9 

RTÉ reports:

Ireland assured top spot in Rugby World Cup Pool D with an impressive victory over France at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium…Ireland will take on Argentina at the quarter-final stage next Sunday… However, this win came at a cost. Captain Paul O’Connell was stretchered off with a serious looking leg injury that may end his Irish career as he’s expected to announce his international retirement at the end of this tournament. Peter O’Mahony, Jonathan Sexton and Keith Earls were also taken off injured and are major doubts for next week.”


Meanwhile, earlier…

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Hick writes:

The fanzone at Millennium Stadium just before kick-off.

Brilliant win over France comes at a heavy cost with injuries to key players (RTE)

Pic: iRadio

Video: Chris MM Gordon

23 thoughts on “Blood, Sweat And Cheers

  1. inopropro shawn

    what a bunch of rides, really pulled it out the bag for that second half.
    Ian … give us a ride!

  2. Laughter Tack.

    Anybody watching Peter stringer on the tv3 coverage? Is he ok?

    He makes me sad with his one tone of blandness, it’s deeply monotone. Matt cooper is not great but the white haired Aussie fella is great.

    Matt seems to have that same problem that Ryan Tubridy has, processing every sentence about 100 times in his head before speaking. Hard to explain how off putting it is. I’m sure its nerves or something. Or just his blank staring eyes. Can’t see those on the radio.

      1. New Person A

        The current French team is one of the worst I’ve ever seen. If Michalak is suddenly their great hope it shows how poor they are, he is a serial failure. Basteauraud was useless in this game also.

      1. New Person A

        Rugby is a game for thugs. There was nothing but a vicious assault on young Sexton by a half bred cur – where is the sport in that? And I’m reading that Mr O’Brien our “hero” wasn’t exactly a saint either. Anyone who enjoys this Neanderthal WASP colonial bullfight really needs their head seeing to.

        1. Ban Doyle

          You sound like a real ray of sunshine. You also may want to review your ability to distinguish between myth and reality.

  3. Disasta

    First half was a horror show of penalties and mistakes plus the punch (what an idiot, certain ban).
    Then the second half got better bar all the injuries.
    Can’t see how we’ll beat the Argies now.

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