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Chewy Grinder.

A spliffing, ‘erb crunching, Irish-made solution to the daily grind with inventive and amusing  crowd funding video (above).

Dundalk, Co Louth-based Grinder writes:

The Chewy’s patented internal grinding mechanism has been tested with great success on the toughest stickiest herbs available. Over 120 prototypes were built and tested before our engineering team was happy with the grinding results.
We really needed to reinvent herb grinders. Our brief was simple, we had to design a grinder that could…store, grind and load your herb anywhere using one hand. It needed to look great, and still be ergonomic for people with poor hand movement. It needed to be discreet. The result is the Chewy.

Finally, in fairness.

Make it so [link below].

Chewy Herb Grinder (Indiegogo)

18 thoughts on “Be A Chewy Backer

  1. Condescending Nana

    one day highlighting the poor understanding and care of mental health, next day advertising for a gizmo to use a substance which in many cases worsens mental health. you guyz, so crazy.

    1. phil

      @Condescending Nana, we need more people like you, who are selflessly concerned for the health and well being of absolute strangers , more people like you who dont have an axe to grind regarding ideology , and more people like you who don’t try to prevent other people minding their own business especially when you have no interest in doing what they are doing…

    2. Chris

      Yes please serve all my media to me as warm beige consistent paste. I simply can not bear to carry two conflicting opinions at the same time and muse over them myself to form my own opinion, what a ghastly thought.

  2. Anomanomanom

    Looks very good. Iv tried all sorts for grinding and iv found one of the best in Stephens green, it cost me €3.50.

  3. Dave Redmond

    Much fun was had in a Capel St sex shop recently when asking for their best ‘grinder’.
    Turned out to be a pink one.

  4. kiora

    For someone who has sever arthritis this is great, but for the average stoner who cant remember to charge phone battery ‘ and their going to remember to charge this or buy batteries ‘i think not!, I need something with solar battery I can bring to festival or leave it on the windowsill because I cant remember where I left it.. and it has charged itself in the mean-time, (stoners not generally battery heads!) Hipsters are battery heads…. hipsters don’t inhale !

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