Arby’s Meat Mountain (top) and their application to use their trade mark in Ireland


Copyright lawyer Brian Conroy writes;

So I spotted a Trade Mark filing for ‘Arby’s’ in Ireland, and thought ‘Who are they?’ – Then it struck me that this could be one of those things that goes totally over my head because I never went to the States on a J1, and the fact that they could be coming to Ireland (why else would you register your Trade Mark here) could be a big deal?!  .Anyway, above is the application (they already have a registration across Europe BTW) and (top) is their signature dish The Meat MountNOMNOMNOM

Are Arby’s coming to Ireland?! Also, who the fudge are Arby’s? – Brian Conroy

33 thoughts on “On The Menu

    1. Nollaig

      Because the sandwich in the picture comes with diet AND full fat coke.

      *licks lips whilst wondering if news standards are declining*

    2. munkifisht

      It’s really not.

      Also, this is a typical move to protect your brand in a prospective market. There is no reason to think there is any move imminent, simply that Arbys are protecting their brand here in case they ever do decide to open a chain in Europe.

  1. Anomanomanom

    If its not White Castle it’s not news worthy. There is just something about there Granby style burger in between to soggy buns that taste so good

  2. Neilo

    Inter alia we got breaded chicken, waffer-thin turkey, ham, streaky bacon, roast beef, pastrami *drooooool**shorts out keyboard*

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