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From top: Spain’s electoral map; Pablo Iglesias, leader of Podemos (We Can) last night

The Podemos and Ciudadanos parties were the big winners with [progressive] Podemos winning 20.66% of the vote Ciudadanos claiming 13.93%.

The two traditional powerhouses of Spanish politics, the PP and the Socialists, remain the two largest parties with 28.72% and 22.01% of the vote respectively, but they face difficult coalition talks with the two smaller parties over the next few days.

“Spain is not going to be the same anymore and we are very happy,” said Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias.

A Force Awakens in Spain With Podemos’s Shock Election Surge (Bloomberg)

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19 thoughts on “And This Little PIIG

      1. manolo

        The area is lovely, the people not so much. They think they are superior to anything south of them and inferior to anything from the north of Europe. I have catalans in my family, and they mostly agree.

        1. ahyeah

          They’re certainly superior to the Andalucians. And almost certainly inferior to the Scandinavians. So pretty much correct.

          1. manolo

            You obviously haven’t spent some time in Seville or Granada. Either that or you are overestimating the ones who live by the Pyrenees.

          2. ahyeah

            I’m basing my comment on having a Sevillano father-in-law, actually. What was the suggestion above? Something about willy in own bottom hole.

          3. manolo

            Maybe your missus and her family fit into that profile, but based on my four years lived in Seville and three in Barcelona, I couldn’t disagree more as a generalisation. Andalusians are far more interesting and fun people.

          4. ahyeah

            Come on….really?!? Sevillanos are the most boastful, arrogant simpletons I’ve ever come across. They think everything from Cruzcampo to Jamon is the absolute best. And interesting? Empty-headed tonteria is the best you can hope for.

  1. rotide

    Spain obviously learned the greek lesson well and didn’t vote them into power.

    It’s not a bad idea to have a few seats for a party like that, another thing altogether to put them in power.

    1. ollie

      “Spain obviously learned the greek lesson well “. First blueshirt comment of the day!

      A party that didn’t exist 2 years ago gets over 8 million votes this time, next time what will it be? Anti austerity parties on the rise, good news for Europe.

  2. DubLoony

    Shock election surge? Really? The place is a basket case, unemployment rate 21%, youth unemployment 47% and after 6 months, no job seekers equivalent in welfare. Plus thousands of eviction.

      1. All the good ones fly south for winter

        Birth rates so low that families often share a child. Who will live with them until 52. Unemployment so high they cannot afford to move out and love U2.

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