The Baggie Backlash



The controversial pre-Xmas Garda weed haul (top) and bare faced cheek (above)

Richard Creedon writes:

Just before Christmas day, An Garda Siochana put up this picture (above) of a small bag of cannabis and a cannabis grinder on their official page. This is to do with Operation Thor [anti-burglary crackdown] as far as I can tell.

Currently, the picture has been liked thousands of times with numerous comments [ridiculing the haul] having 1000+ likes and some comments have 4000+ likes. It has also been shared by The LadBible which has a reach of 11 million and has currently been shared over 4000 times by them. Even the Rubber Bandits have gotten involved in the comment section.

It looks like a major backlash against the guards by the youth of Ireland for arresting users of small amounts of cannabis…


Cannabis find, Operation Thor (Facebook)

57 thoughts on “The Baggie Backlash

  1. Joni2015

    The government must fall now. This backlash as measured in Facebook comment likes is unstoppable.

      1. Anomanomanom

        Don’t buy 50 bags if you want value, although it looks more than 50, buy with friends and buy some weight. But more for cheaper. Also vape it and it last much much longer.

  2. Markus

    Took a quick look at the lad bible. the following comment also has “1000+” likes… “What has 142 teeth and holds back the incredible hulk? My zipper”

    that’s the problem with judging things based on Facebook likes

    1. Richard

      The difference is that all the comments on the Garda FB page were about the picture. 4000 likes and 2000 comments is nothing to be sniffed at in terms of how much it is trending. I bet the garda page has seen more action in the past week than all the time before.

  3. Fergus the magic postman

    If the Gardaí were to concentrate their efforts in the right areas, they might be a worthwhile force.
    The fact is Garda resources are wasted on point scoring for government ministers as well as playing the roll of Government foot soldiers, while areas where they would actually play a valid roll are ignored due to lack of said resources.

    I understand that they have to confiscate illegal substances, but with everything going on in this country at the moment, what kind of an idiotic idea was it to post it on facebook as if to brag about the haul?

      1. Bertie Blenkinsop

        Do they still take turns to batter youngfellas in cells or have they devised a new rota?

          1. jonotti

            I’m back in the saddle. Events have unfolded which means I will be passing on my wisdom to you all much more often.

      2. Richard

        I know they allocated 60,000 hours last year to simple possession cases. Google “Garda 60000 hours”

        1. Markus

          There are 10,459 gardai according to Google (excluding sergeants and above). 60,000 hours equates to 5.7 hours each. Assuming a 40 hour working week this is approximately 0.27% of the work they do per year.

      3. Fergus the magic postman

        What do you know about what I know? A lot less than I know about what you know, though what you know is irrelevant because everybody knows you’d say black was white just to be contrary. Which is predictable. Which is boring.

        You’re boring.

        1. jonotti

          I spent years with the gardai and so I have an understanding of both sides. I’m used to hearing ill informed opinions stated with outright conviction.

          1. jonotti

            Just fu**ing tell me your background then. What do you know? What makes you qualified to say anything about garda resource allocation?

          2. Anomanomanom

            Then you know that the garda are a bunch of useless feck wits. Iv only ever been mugged once, it was by two garda in uniform. They took my bag, wallet, phone and 6 cans I’d bought coming home from work. When I went to kevin street to ask about it I was told nothing was reported or handed in by any garda.

          3. Fergus the magic postman

            It’s pretty plain to see for anybody who lives here. We can see Gardai arriving at water meter installations in within minutes of a possible protest. We have operation Mirren or whatever it’s called. Anybody who has had to ring the Gardaí over actual crimes don’t get that kind of attention.
            Gardaí stations have been closed around the country in rural areas, some peole living an hours drive from the nearest station, and we can clearly see on our tvs & other outlets that the Gardaí are used to create a buffer between Government ministers whenever they don’t want to face heckling and protests.

            Also, posting pictures on Facebook of a embarrassingly small haul of cannabis is a waste of Gardaí resources.

            You don’t have to be close to the Gardaí to know what’s going on, you just need to open your eyes, in the same way you don’t have to have been capped for the Ireland team to know when they’re sh1t.

          4. Fergus the magic postman

            That wouldn’t be a terrible thing Rotide, as I’d wager the people with the higher IQ would be the ones who question things, think for themselves, & aren’t always tripping over themselves to defend the status quo whatever the situation.

          5. Neilo

            Did the captain complain about having to defend your screwball antics to the commissioner? © So I Married An Axe Murderer

          1. Fergus the magic postman

            You’re an idiot. I already knew that though, as I used to be a detective, just after my stint as a horse whisperer.

          2. jonotti

            You never were a detective. I’m the real deal and people just can’t handle it, on here or in real life.

          3. MoyestWithExcitement

            “I’m the real deal and people just can’t handle it, on here or in real life.”

            Ok, ok. That seals it. You’re either a parody account, you’re 15 or you’re absolutely insane. You’re definitely not a rational adult anyway.

    1. Drebbin

      The police should rank all the crimes in descending order of seriousness, and solve them in order. That’s what they do everywhere else.

        1. Drebbin

          I know for a fact the Irish police solve crimes in alphabetical order, at least in the South East. It may be different where you’re from, but try setting fire to an aardvark in Wicklow and you’ll have your collar felt pretty nifty.

  4. Spaghetti Hoop

    I always believed that the Gardaí targeted the dealers not the users. They seized loads of large-scale stashes last year which is well documented in the news archives. Why would they go after the small guy at the end of the chain and post this stupid picture when they already have their significant ‘seizure’ medal-shining stories? The social media furore is just oul hysterical hot air, as usual.

  5. jonotti

    Most of the comments are moronic. Allow me to paraphrase half of them.
    “mwaw houses are flooded. Stupid gardai didnt stop the water but they enforce stupid laws that I dont like.”

  6. munkifisht

    Not the Gardís fault. It’s the law. The law’s stupid, antiquated, and should be revised, but it’s still the law (and before you say it, yes, they should be enforcing some other laws (ie the ones protecting our safety) more stringently).

    1. Fergus the magic postman

      “(and before you say it, yes, they should be enforcing some other laws (ie the ones protecting our safety) more stringently)”

      So why aren’t they?

      1. munkifisht

        Potato elephants. Really, doesn’t matter what I say, that’s a pretty pointless question and deserves a pretty pointless answer. It’s a different argument. If you want to be pi$$ed off, grand, but direct your anger towards the right people. It’s a law. You don’t agree with it, that hash should be legal and we should follow the rest of hte civilised world in making into a commodity that people enjoy and can make taxable money off of then great, but it’s not the Gaurdís fault, it’s Enda et al that should be changing thing.

        1. Fergus the magic postman

          I’m not angry, first of all.
          Secondly, I agree that the outdated law involving cannabis is not the fault of the Gardaí.
          I wonder however, who is to blame for posting the photograph of the haul the Gardaí are so ashamed of having had to confiscate in the name of the law?

          In any case I’m well aware that Enda & his cronies (backed by a party people foolishly voted for to keep things on the level) are to blame for the entire state of the Gardaí as a force currently, with failed cover ups, and misuse of scarce resources, no accountability enforced, attempted silencing of whistleblowers, and shady visits to commissioners to name but a few things.

          1. jonotti

            It was one clown in the gardai who posted this. They don’t represent every member despite being in charge of social media accounts.

  7. Junkface

    They should just concentrate on eradicating Heroin and harder drugs. Weed is a waste of time for the Gardai.

  8. Disasta

    The hilarity of that post. Sure ye wouldnt even Whatsapp it to a mate if ye found it the amount is so small.
    Some Garda are smart to be fair. This one that posted or whoever told them to post it isn’t.

    Sooner all this stuff is legal the better. People get whatever they want somehow. Junkies are still junkies, smokers still smoke, and coke head still coke it up? I’m sure pill heads still rock them hard on weekends.

    And sure there’s a grow shop in every town it’d seem. And I’m sure everyone is growing indoor tomato’s yeah? How much does one for those 1000w lights cost to run for months? I’m sure they’re expensive tomatoes.

  9. theCitizen

    The “stash” was taken during an operation trying to stamp out burglaries. It’ll give them a definite charge to help during interrogation and may allow them more time to prepare the case when the suspect is in custody.
    All the whingers here complaining about resources may have valid points but a better understanding of reality may lead to a more relevant discussion.

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