Winners For Winners



Spotted in the sports centre at Trinity College Dublin this afternoon.

Luvin Lunch writes:

Lectures from BOI on success.. Where’s Alanis Morissette when you need her?

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  1. collynomial

    I know what you’re saying, but BoI are the most successful of the “big” banks that were in Ireland before 2007.

    1. Clampers Outside!
      “To date the State has exited both its CoCo and preference share investments at a profit and has now generated a net positive cash return from the State’s overall support for and investment in the bank. In addition, the State’s 14% equity stake in Bank of Ireland had a market value of €1.4bn at 31 December 2014.”

      It’s no AIB anyway.
      “The State’s total investment in AIB is approximately €20.7bn and dates back to 2009 when the Minister for Finance directed the National Pension Reserve Fund (NPRF) to make an investment of €3.5bn in preference shares issued by the bank. Subsequent to this the NPRF was further directed to invest €8.7bn in two tranches (December 2010 and July 2011) while a capital contribution totalling €6.1bn was also made in the bank by the NPRF and the Minister. After these transactions were completed the NPRF’s equity ownership of AIB reached 99.8%. AIB also merged with EBS on 1 July 2011 and the amount of capital previously provided to EBS by the exchequer was €0.875 billion. Finally the Minister separately invested €1.6bn in AIB Contingent Capital Notes (“CoCos”) in July 2011 which have a redemption date of July 2016.”

    2. The People's Hero

      My favorite demotivational; Behind every flake is the potential for an avalanche of destruction….

      Flakes being Bankers in this case….

    1. Anomanomanom

      Should be no problem. Boi wouldn’t give me a mortgage in 2008 because and I’m using exact words from the bank “we won’t earn enough of yri

      1. Anomanomanom

        sorry…..Earn enough of your mortgage. Then processed to try sell me a mortgage for 55k more than the property was worth. This is why banks went arse up, selling crap like that.

  2. Smashmouth

    Where’s Alanis Morissette when you need her?

    Standing naked in a library looking up the word “ironic” in the dictionary

  3. Funster Fionnanánn

    If I borrow 4 monies can I pay back 7 monies?

    I know what a tracker mortgage is?

    Are we on the top of a bubble or in a bubble or should I not buy these two apartments?

    1. DefinitelyNotMoyestPretendingToBeTony

      I dunno. There’s lots of people sharing them on Linkedin with decent jobs. I’d say ‘It’s never your *emotionally well adjusted’ friends’ is probably more accurate.

      1. rotide

        I take most of the day off from BS and it looks like I missed some shenanigans judging by that usernames.

        So hard to keep up with the meta

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