Further to Alan O’Regan’s question yesterday about An Post not accepting his Mastercard…

David S writes:

“I messaged An Post and asked them if they accept One4All cards in Post offices as payment. … They don’t. An Post own the One4All company, it can be used in 7,000 outlets throughout Ireland, purchased in 1,100 Post Offices throughout Ireland, but not used in their own branches… Seems ridiculous!”


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16 thoughts on “All 4 Nothing

  1. Cian

    One4all charge hideous, hideous fees to retailers. They make credit card fees seem cheap. It would be a conflict of interest to not charge An Post the same fees and would lead to complaints from competitors.

    The fees are the main reason they’re not taking your cards, as explained yesterday.

    1. Dong

      Yep. I’m a retailer and kicked them to touch. 10% of the transaction goes to one4all. Also, being part of the scheme generated no extra footfall.

        1. manolo

          in fairness, there is a ‘do what I say, don’t do what I do’ side to this, just like Dublin Bus using vouchers as change but not accepting it back as payment.

        2. george

          They do not take cards other than AIB cards. They close at lunch even when there are two staff members. This is poor.

  2. curmudgeon

    Why o why do people insist on buying gift vouchers, an exchange of internationally recognized currency for an almost completely unusable one with additional terms and conditions and usually come with an expiration date.

  3. Fididdly

    They have the right to accept whatever tender they feel appropriate, just like the mastercard post yesterday it seems kind of petty to be bringing this up here. There’s forums/twit feeds that are perfectly suited for this kind of venting. Perhaps AnPost can’t accept them because, being a mail service that delivers things for literal cents, their margins would already be quite tight. Certainly any retailers who signed up for one for all would have been aware what the craic was before they joined.
    this is not worthy of pubic attention imo

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