Sure Where Would You Get It?



The Liffey at Dublin city last night.

Thanks Padraic McElroy 



This evening.

Dermot Moriarty writes:

Looking west on Abbey Street [Dublin 1]…


Malahide, Co Dublin

Thanks Graeme Kelly


Dingle, Co Kerry.

Thanks John Gallen

10 thoughts on “Sure Where Would You Get It?

  1. meadowlark

    Lads apologies for putting it in a comment but is it just my phone or have all the replies to comments disappeared? And the number of comments listed by a post do not add up to those posted. Or have I gone mad?

    1. Malta

      Having just looked at the thread about the shooting – my phone appears to be doing the same, Meadowlark.

  2. Malta

    You’re not alone, Meadowlark. Same thing on my phone. In fact, I replied to your comment first, and now it’s gone.

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