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So about that Euro 2016 ticket allocation….

Fluffybiscuits writes:

Hassle over Ireland tickets on the Republic of Ireland fans forum on Facebook….Some poor sod has paid €350 already for a ticket from a reseller!


Irish Fans Start To Receive Euro 2016 Tickets (Liam Mackey, Irish Examiner)

16 thoughts on “Allocation Allocation Allocation

    1. Nigel

      Poor sods can be idiots and idiots can be poor sods. The quality of poor soddiness is not strained, it droppeth as a gentle rain upon the place beneath…

  1. ahjayzis

    Some poor sod has paid €350 already for a ticket from a reseller!

    Are we supposed to empathise with the deeply, deeply foolish now?

    There’s far greater ninety-minute pleasures to be had for that kind of cash. Idiot.

  2. Murtles

    After applying for the “Follow your team” tickets I got allocated Conditional Tickets for Round of 16, Quarter Finals and Semi Final. So I can’t go to the first 3 matches and have to wait to see how Ireland progress (hopefully they will) AND have given UEFA an interest free loan of €350. Suspiciously like a numbers game so they can say they’ve allocated tickets to fans.

    1. veritas

      how do you feel about the stock market where you buy shares to resell at a higher price. in Ireland the people who are good at that are seen as heroes making millions .why so down on the little man doing the same

      1. pedeyw

        I don’t see them as heroes. The person buying the ticket is also “the little man”, who is also being screwed by ticketmaster or whoever in the first place. I would rather have actual fans of the team/band/whatever paying the original price than some scrounger buying up a load of tickets and flogging them at 3 or 4 times the price. On the rare occasion that I have a spare ticket to gigs I have always sold them on at face value.

        1. JayH

          No, the person buying the ticket is the one creating the market and thereby pushing up the price for everyone. Supply and Demand.

  3. Murph Mikey

    I got some free corporate tickets, 4 of them….great to get them for my hard work but prob never use them….how much you say people are paying for them online – 350??? Thats 1400euros…whoooo hoooo….

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