A Limerick A Day



In a cock-up that’s tricky to beat,
A coder managed to delete,
All his customers’ sites,
Now it’s time for last rites,
His career has been short if not sweet.

John Moynes

(Digital Journal)

4 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. COndor

    Worst nightmare. “Oh it’s fine, I’m on the dev server. DROP EVERYTHING. Hmmm… Application won’t start up in Production. Weird”

    Cold sweats start forming.
    Check last backup. Nightly job has been failing since January due to expired password.
    Internet forums.
    Cold sweating.
    Blame a hardware issue.

  2. Shelbyville Manhattan

    Some wretched command line discipline going on in the picture.

    Multiple logins as root, cat’ing out a Windows executable…nearly as bad as the lad who deleted all the things.

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