Skeletal Villains


travis-durden-skulls-of-the-villains-designboom-01 travis-durden-skulls-of-the-villains-designboom-02 travis-durden-skulls-of-the-villains-designboom-03 travis-durden-skulls-of-the-villains-designboom-04 travis-durden-skulls-of-the-villains-designboom-05 travis-durden-skulls-of-the-villains-designboom-06

Notorious baddies depicted at the end of their natural life cycle by French artist Travis Durden.


4 thoughts on “Skeletal Villains

    1. gav

      Yes and the Terminator is made of poly-alloy not any bone so why did they just change all the metal parts to bone? But considering they turned a plastic scream mask into bone, none of it makes any sense…

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