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AshPower-pop trio to receive Oh Yeah Legend Award

What you may need to know…

01. The tight-knit Northern scene continues to honour its trailblazers and forebears with the Oh Yeah Legend award, previously bestowed upon The UndertonesThe Divine Comedy, Therapy? and Terri Hooley. This year, it’s the turn of Oh Yeah Music Centre namesakes Ash.

02. Potted story to save time: teenage Iron Maiden tribute band start playing power-pop in the venerated Northern tradition, fetch local management attention, rocket straight to the top after their GCSEs off the back of a genius string of three-minute bijoux; burn out and still make a low-key gem of a difficult second album; return to form and conquers the world; do effectively whatever they please thereafter, including a series of alphabetically-labelled 7″ singles released fortnightly for a year, and setting up a studio in New York.

03. Like there’s anyone left in the country that needs any further info on Oh Yeah (streaming above), or any other of that immortal run of singles in the mid-Nineties-to-early-noughties.

04. The band will be honoured by the music centre named for their globe-straddling single, at a special ceremony before they perform their album 1977 (from start to finish) for its twentieth anniversary, at the Mandela Hall in Belfast on November the 11th. Tickets on sale now.

Verdict: Well-earned.


17 thoughts on “You May Like This: Ash

    1. David j

      I loved Ash back in the day and I loved “cosmic debris” which came with intergalactic sonic 7s. It was all their B side (well, not all, it was missing ‘dancing on the moon’) and I was surprised by the quality of some of the B-sides (coasting, No Place to Hide, warmer than fire etc…) they were better than some of Ash’s A-sides!

  1. dav

    13mins after the end of the last song on 1977 they recorded themselves puking up, they had a mate called “Lef” i think and was able to throw up on demand. Sickest and funniest thing ever!

  2. Formerly known as

    I saw them play a gig in Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia, back in their prime. There was a Spinal Tap moment when one of them grabbed a beam above the stage and needed help to get down. Great gig, though.

  3. MarioBalotelli

    Tim Wheeler.. best Irish / Northern Irish pop song writer.. EVER?… I’ll go with it..

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