Broadsheet Trailer Park: What’s On The Telly?



RTÉ presenters launch the Autumn season on RTÉ in Grand Canal Dock last month

Reliving a James M Chimney/Broadsheet tradition

…Bertie Blemkinsop writes:

Heavy work commitments (Narcos Series 2 ) have prevented me from reviewing a fillum this week so instead I’ll have a quick glance through the week’s upcoming telly shows and make a semi educated guess as to what they might be about…

Cash in the Attic: We join the Revenue Commissioners as they pay a visit to Ivor Callelly’s delightful Clontarf home

Pointless Celebrities:
A second chance to view last week’s Operation Transformation

The Walking Dead:
The Social Democrats Ard Fheis live from a phone box in Dawson Street

Celebrity Big Brother:
Mat Osman from Suede discusses life as Richard Osman’s brother

Six One: A chance to relive Manchester City’s emphatic 2011 win over Manchester United

The Sunday Game:
Trying to have mammy and daddy time before the kids wake up on Sunday morning

Super Sunday: How you feel if you succeed at The Sunday Game.

The Sunday Supplement:
What you take beforehand if you think there’s a possibility of The Sunday Game

Loose Women:
Middle aged women discuss incontinence and their love lives ( No change there then…FIGHT! )

Cold Feet: Stephen Donnelly gives his side of recent events

Million Dollar Baby: The cast of Geordie Shore compete to be impregnated by a mystery Premier League footballer

All Star Mr and Mrs:
  Bertie Blenkinsop and Mildred St Meadowlark star in…. Oh a man can dream can’t he?

How I Met Your Mother: Mani and Clampers reminisce about old times

Would I Lie to You?:
Live coverage from The Oireachtas

Two and a Half Men:
Bono, Larry and Adam discuss the recording of The Joshua Tree

Feel free to add them below if you think you can do better….


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45 thoughts on “Broadsheet Trailer Park: What’s On The Telly?

  1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    Mat is actually 5cm shorter than Richard.
    I hth.

    Very funny apart from that horrendous gaffe.

          1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            Three in the bed. Bertie, sobbing. Andy, grey in the face with fear. Mildred, totally fupping delighted with herself.

  2. 3stella

    Sick – Nun
    (Gay Burn investigates the terminal decline in Irish female vocations in this one long extra religious special*)

    *Made possible by the generous sponsorship of Yaris Ireland.

  3. The Real Jane

    Fair City – Watch as the tidy towns committee tidy. This week, Portlaoise. Will Carmel finally persuade Fidelma, Marie and Tom to weed the verge outside the national school or will she be forced to do it herself like every other job so far what’s the point in even having a committee?

  4. James Chimney

    A contemporary soap set in gritty Dublin 7. This week Nioise and Labraidh’s planned civil ceremony is thrown into chaos. Turlough’s ongoing attempts to launch is exhibition of placenta art comes to a head.

    1. 3stella

      Up Down – Turlough Flood follows the fluctuating fortunes of Co Down GAA. (Australian Special)

      Fruit & Veg – RTE Cork’s, “Plastic Sheeting” grills Apple’s CEO Tim Cooke.

      Penny Apple – Bill Cullen pays Apple’s global tax bill (Live from Sarsfield Hse. Limerick)

      Hotel – “Erica realises you can check out, but never leave”.

      MASS – Fr Feely & Fr Fondle co-celebrate…

      1. James Chimney

        Show Me Where He Re-Touched You – Geoffrey Bubbles takes a warts and all look at Irish celebrity life style magazines and the frantic photoshoppery that goes on. This week they only have three months to photoshop Lucy Kennedy will they make the print deadline?

        1. Bertie Blenkinsop

          Gash in the Attic* – Today FM’s Juliette Gash shows off her new room at the top of the house.

          * What did you THINK I was going to say?

        2. 3stella

          The Sile Seoige Show – “It a show all about me, for you”

          The Ray Darcy Show, – Ray interviews a plastic bag.

  5. James Chimney

    Christy Dignam’s Crazy World
    A collection of bloopers, out-takes and comical accidents from around the globe hosted by the beloved Aslan frontman.

  6. The Real Jane

    Garda Paw Patrol – Gardai trace the non poop scooping pets owners of Ireland using the latest forensic investigation techniques.

  7. James Chimney

    Get Lucky with Linda Martin –
    9 boxes to choose from.. five have cash prizes four have fatal diseases. Box or the pox!!

  8. James Chimney

    Glory Holes with Francis Brennan.
    Francis tours the trenches and emplacements of the fallen heroes of the Somme.

  9. Kieran NYC

    After The Beep: Contestants need to identify who the mystery celebrity is by the abusive voicemail a drunken Twink has left on their phone

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