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From top: Clare Daly TD and her objections to a new development, among them its impact on nearby property values .

Dogged Freedom of Information hound Ken Foxe writes:

Two TDs opposed the development of housing in their constituencies on the basis that it would have an adverse effect on the property values of neighbours.

It probably would not be that surprising to hear one was made by Leo Varadkar … much more surprising the fact that the other was Clare Daly….[more at link below]…


Clare Daly & Leo Varadkar opposed housing developments because of impact it would have on neighbouring property values (Ken Foxe)

40 thoughts on “Not In Keeping With

  1. Talismania!

    All seems like fair comment to me – just because you lean towards the left doesn’t mean that you believe that property value rights aren’t important – People that have invested in a property in a cul-de-sac would expect that configuration to remain in place, not to become the driveway for a big development?

    1. The Real Jane

      I think what’s happened here is that people who don’t like Clare Daly have invented a whole load of beliefs for her and now they’re deciding to what extent she upholds those beliefs. Unfortunately, she’s lacking adherence to the invented beliefs so that exposes her to ridicule.

      1. Denito

        Well no. What people are doing is noting that Claire Daly has some neck complaining about the housing crisis when she has objected to stop the building of three hundred houses in her own constituency

        1. The Real Jane

          Well it actually looks like she complained about some of her constituents having their cul de sac turned into a through road, which isn’t exactly the same thing.

        2. Nigel

          Given the planning messes we’ve been left with after the boom this comment is stunningly stupid. Unless it turns out she was holding back a new soctal housing unit or something there’s every possibility she’s right to object.

          1. Bonzor

            You guys should click through to Ken Foxe’s article. A snapshot: Daly was the biggest objector to new housing of any Dublin TD; She objected to 9 separate developments; and as well as objecting due to the developers’ previous track record, she objected on basis of right-of-way, property value, water pressure and congestion grounds.

            That’s a pattern of clientelism and it is incredibly hypocritical from someone who has been vocal on the housing crisis.

          2. Nigel

            You may be right but going by past practice in planning and development it’s not something to take for granted. So many unsuitable developments and no indication that there has been substantive reform.

    1. Steve

      Ah admit it though, if that was just Leo on his own you would be all like “typical blueshirt…elites..stepping on the poor blah blah blah”.

      The one unifying force of Irish politicians of all hues: NIMBYism

      1. Nigel


      2. scottser

        not really comparing like with like there steve. daly was at the forefront of the homebond/pyrite campaign around fingal, probably the most vocal of all the TDs in the area. she has a track record of representing communities over individuals and i doubt you could say the same of leo but i’m happy to be proven wrong if you have the evidence.

        1. Steve

          I never questioned her integrity around pyrite etc. Fair play to her.

          And fair play to ye for trying to muddy this particular issue by pointing how great she is at stuff in other areas.

          Come on like just admit this has nothing to do with proper planning etc. It’s all do with constituents calling into her office complaining that new social housing will affect their house prices. She even admits as much in her letter.

  2. mamma roma

    i wish you cretins would spend as much time highlighting the imminent building of apartments right in the middle of in St Anne’s park as you do with your petty grievances with this woman who’s kinda just doing her job really

    1. Andy

      It’s not in the middle of St Annes. Its on the north western section on land which is privately owned.

      Make up better lies next time.

      1. stannes4life

        its in the park, land which was given to the people of dublin, hijacked by the church to pay for their lavish retirement.

    2. Fact Checker

      Housing is a highly sensible use of land in this area which ALREADY has all the services in place like schools, public transport, shops, etc.

      Anyone looking for (largely empty) grass sports pitches can choose one of a dozen in St Anne’s Park.

  3. Nigel

    So appreantly we’re all supposed to forget the various types of wreckage left after heedless development in favour of a new BUILD BUILD BUILD philosophy in the hopes that the spectre of homelessness will help inflate a new bubble. Is tbat it? Class act all round. We should be praying NIMBYs for whatever little good they did.

    1. DubLoony

      Y’know , we do have a housing crises? Even with in-fill development of derlict sites, there is a need for new housing.

      What we’ve never discussed is where 50,000 of them are going to go.

  4. dan

    residents of a cul de sac object to this development, correctly so, and their local TD represents them in their objection. Nothing to see here you bunch of moaning idiots.
    If you want a news story ask IBRC why they are refunding millions to bankrupt customers?

  5. Michael

    Technically they are called observations rather than objections and at level of detail in examples given are fairly worthless. Politicians’ observations such as these carry no weight in planning process and are written just so they can be put on a leaflet distributed to those in their area who might object. It’s all about optics only what in this case might be advantageous for local vote jars somewhat with her absolutely justified calls for urgent action on housing.

  6. :-Joe

    Why so quick to judge?…

    In fairness, she is not a frivolous or stupid individual and it’s nowhere near her general modus operandi…

    Career establishment politicians care about making a buck for their friends and having a fake legacy they can lie to themselves and everyone else about being proud of being written into the history books before they drop dead from regret, shame and remorse if we’re lucky.

    Daly will be remembered as being a force for positive change in Ireland.

    ennNNNNDDDAAAAAAHHHHHHH !!!!! will be remembered for being a daft eejit schoolteacher from mayo.

    Do you want another daft establishment career idiot or a champion of the Irish people…. kicking against the pricks.

    You decide…


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