Broadsheet Trailer Park: The Young Pope




What you may need to know

1. William S Burroughs invented a technique known as cut-up writing whereby words and phrases are cut from newspapers and then re-arranged at random.

2. One can only assume that something similar was at play at when devising this new miniseries…

Interior HBO Headquarters, young TV executive rummages around in bag, pulls out slip of paper and reads aloud “YOUNG”…

“Okay, so whadda we got here…. “Pope”, “American”, “Young” and “Jude Law”. You’re killin’ me here. Still, at least TV critics will be happy with the Canon Law puns.”

3. With a premise as wacky as ‘Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank’, The Young Pope sees Jude Law move to the small screen, with a brand new head of hair as pristine and shiny as Sam Allardyce’s England tracksuit, playing Lenny Belardo, the first American Pope.

4. Jude first burst to fame as Dickie Greenleaf in The Talented Mr Ripley, Anthony Minghella’s 1999 thriller.

5. Law was excellent playing the part of a self regarding, foppish dandy but unfortunately as the years have progressed it looks increasingly like he was actually just playing the role of Jude Law in Ripley.

6. Twice nominated for an Oscar, he’s too good for hokum like this I hear you cry but I suppose five kids with three different mothers probably doesn’t come cheap.

6. The ever fabulous, effortlessly cool Diane Keaton co-stars as Sister Mary,

7. This show looks as unhinged as my Mario Balotelli Top Goalscorer bet from last season.

Bertie’s Verdict: Papal bull

PS I’m sorry I don’t have a better recommendation for you this week, here’s some good news about Kate Bush by way of atonement.

50 thoughts on “Broadsheet Trailer Park: The Young Pope

  1. Nigel

    It’s one of those things that will either be the best thing ever or the worst. And because there are a few hints of camp, it could be the best thing because it’s the worst.

  2. Caroline™

    The dialogue is amazing. “I was supposed to be pope!!”

    Lenny is a particularly inspired choice of name. I’ll deffo watch if he’s riding.

    1. Nigel

      ‘You’ll be the worst pope evar!!!!
      ‘What worse than Pope Stephen VI who had his predecessor exhumed, tried, de-fingered, and thrown to the river?’
      ‘SO MUCH WORSE!’

      1. Caroline™

        They elected a pope they thought was good pope. But I am… BAD POPE! *smokes cigarette, grabs cheeseburger from passing child*

        1. Nigel

          ‘I’m young and cool and edgy so I’m going to beatify David Bowie, Freddy Mercury and Mick Jagger.’
          ‘Mick Jagger’s not dead, and…’

  3. Bob

    I hate to be the guy with no sense of humour, but can these “Broadsheet Trailer” sections have a bit more info on what’s actually being shown? There’s 8 points and 7 of them are essentially the authors opinion on the show. Who wrote and directed it? When’s it out and where can I see it? How are critics reviewing preview showings?

    1. Caroline™

      Seriously? Oh right yes. You mentioned.

      Well, nearly all that information is up there, if you just look for it, barring the writer(s). I think most people know the score with HBO shows at this point. It’s called a trailer park, that means only the trailer is being reviewed.

      1. Bob

        There’s two of the stars, a loose plot description and jokes about how silly it looks. That’s it.
        There’s more info from a ljg clip.

        1. bertie blenkinsop

          It’s not like me to even bother with a plot description.
          I’ve said from the outset that I’m not Barry Norman, if it’s a serious, weighty movie / TV review you’re after look elsewhere, I’m just here for the frothy stuff.

          Having said all that, I submitted a lengthier, mildly amusing ( to me at least ) review and what you see up above ain’t it.

          1. Bob

            Sorry, I don’t mean to come across as a jerk (I try to hide that part of me). I just figure there’d be more readers if there’s the funny, the facts and the funny facts, so everyone has something to keep them busy in this drab existence.

        2. Caroline™

          I’m not making it up, most of the information you’re demanding is available on this screen right now.

    2. rory

      The young Pope is directed by Paolo Sorrentino. He has directed films such as Youth and This Must be the Place, the latter some might vaguely recall because some of it was shot in Ireland and starred a Goth’d up Sean Penn and Bono’s daughter (whose also in The Knick, apparently.)
      These two particular films recieved mixed reviews on release, and are notable for being the only blots (that i’m aware of) on Sorrentino’s record for directing criticially acclaimed films.

      His film ‘The Great Beauty’ won the oscar for best foreign language film in 2014. It’s the only film of his i’ve seen. It’s actually really good. It kind of loses its way towards the end, but is well worth seeing.

      1. Jusayinlike

        If your interested in Paolo sorrentino please ignore the above post by Rory, I have seen all his stuff and the two stand out films of his are “Il divorce” and “the consequences of love”, unbelievablely original and crisply shot. Highly recommended.

        1. rory

          Please ignore my post? You’d swear you were trying to insult me.
          How does my post dispute anything you’ve just said?
          Unless you think The Great Beauty is not worth watching.

      1. ivan

        I understand it’s not. I think the concept was just a smidgin too, er, high.

        I’m a music nut and couldn’t be bothered going beyond episode 1. Episodic TV requires, almost by definition, small pay offs in each episode. I’m not sure Vinyl had them. You can’t use the pacing of Wolf of Wall St stretched out over 15 hours.

        Ain’t nobody got time fo’ that

        1. Frilly Keane

          Ah Jesus I loved it

          The music
          The glamour
          The didn’t know any better lifestyle and partying of the era
          The music The dancing The Songs
          Even the styling was class

          Sum’ting else
          Its the best part that Bobby Canavalle (?) has played yet

  4. Luke Brennan

    I’m sorry, but……

    I think we’ve just had the golden month in the golden age of television. Without wanting to disrespect Bertie’s always amusing contribution, I’ve just have to mention some of great things that happened in TV-land this September.

    High Maintenance, the HBO version. I’m sure every wannabe short maker knows about the original micro budget shorts, made by a husband and wife team for sub- $1000. You can see how shows like GIRLS would never have been made without them. Anyways, HBO remade it, and what would you know, it’s 110% change your day TV. Not just slick, but thoughtful and thought-provoking. I don’t think there is a better show on TV.

    Fleabag, on Amazon. I don’t think there has been a UK comedy this good in a decade. Like all great comedy, it’s more than just laughs. It has the dark laughter of nighty night, but somehow has the emotional depth to pick up the pieces that were shattered when the original Cold Feet left out screens back in the noughties.

    Atlanta, on FX. Straight from the “Atlanta” spoken over the opening credit, you know this is a show at ease with itself. Anyone who read Tom Wolfe’s “A man in full” will know that Atlanta has a special place in Black America. Not perfect, but a more integrated city and a better model than most. This show is packed with laughs and original thinking in it’s story-lines. It’s probably a great time to hear what Actor/Comedian Donald Glover has to say.

    Easy, on Netflix. Joe Swanberg divides audiences, but here are bite size portions of a pro in action, delivered with humour and pathos. Another slight but considered examination of modern life.

    Transparent, on Amazon. It’s season 3 with the Pfeffermans, which is certainly the series with the most humanity on show right now. Jeffrey Tambor leads in a way I wish others would. It’s crazy, claustrophobic and often cruel, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy it.

    These are all great, great shows. I’m sure at least 3 of the 5 will go on to be must-see-TV. But there really is more, such as the following, out in September, which may or may not make it, but have real promise:

    Quarry, on Cinemax. Beautifully filmed, time taken to develop characters, a mix bag when it comes to the acting performances, but the good are great. This is a bolt from the blue, not quite proven mid-season, but has potential to be a landmark show. Think True Detective set in post-Vietnam era without the big names.

    This is US, on NBC. Thoughtful, modern comedy, larger than life characters and a plot which draws together very different lives successfully. Could be great.

    Hope people find that useful.

    1. rory

      Not forgetting ‘The Night of’ starring Riz Ahmed, whose a legend.
      Not forgetting Bertie’s posts, which are great, and function great on their own, without all this info we’ve been clipping on.

    2. bertie blenkinsop

      Rory, by the time I was asked to do it I figured most people had already seen The Night Of.

      Luke, feel free to submit your CV to Broadsheet, I hope they don’t butcher your contributions as much as they did to mine, or insult you by calling your submissions “indulgent”.

          1. Frilly Keane

            Not really tbf

            They cut a couple of sentences on Friday alright, sum’ting at the very bottom about me telling the usual suspects that they’re more than welcome to do better kinda thing.

            And there was that one time when they refused to run it. Which, admittedly p1ssed me off.

            But overall I’m pretty much alone.

          2. Frilly Keane

            But then again Rory
            I never made the cast list
            Unlike Bert

            So maybe there’s a bitta club rules going on for him
            That don’t apply t’me

      1. rory

        They should put up one of your ‘indulgent’ posts, see how it goes down. Got a feeling it would be received significantly better than other items put up on this site.

    3. rory

      I think it’s worth noting, saying ‘I’m sorry, but…’ is not really saying I’m sorry. In case someone reading this ever considers apologising that way in a non internetty scenario of importance.

      1. Jusayinlike

        I think its worth noting that shows like “the night of..” are race baiting but hey whatever goes eh Rory

        1. rory

          Really? The show was well received by critics. That’s why I suggested it. That and Riz Ahmed. Havn’t seen it myself.
          Out of curiosity, what other shows do you consider to be ‘race baiting’?

          1. Jusayinlike

            It’s complete race baiting, other race decisive shows would be empire and orange is the new black, there are plenty more aswell as those too

          2. rory

            In relation to TV shows that acknowledge that racism exists, which of those shows would you not consider to be ‘race baiting’?

          3. rory

            Which shows? All of the TV shows that acknowledge that racism exists.
            Which of these shows would you consider not to be ‘race baiting’?

  5. Caroline™

    Wouldn’t it be great if instead of these zippy little first looks we had a humourless p*ssing contest between guys who fancy themselves as t.v. critics.

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