You May Like This: Terriers



Terrierspost-hardcore from Cork

What you may need to know…

01. One year after playing their very last gig ever, Cork four-piece Terriers are all in the same country for a few days at Christmas, and are chancing their arms with a charity show.

02. Spinning off from Cork screamo band Slugbait, Terriers specialised in a slick, melodic post-hardcore, with streaks of classic rock riffage.

03. Streaming above is the band’s sole album, Let’s Hear It for the Boys, completed and released last year, shortly before their disbandment.

04. Catch ’em at Fred Zeppelin’s in Cork on the 23rd, with support from Sheffield math-rockers Ganglions and Cork alt-rockers Temperance Parade. A tenner in, all proceeds to Cork Simon.

Verdict: Much joy here for fans of alternative rock, post-hardcore, and the more QOTSA-end of stoner rock japes.