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Howya Santy.

Mark at the Jam Art Factory, writes:

A list of our Christmas gift ideas that might be of interest to Broadsheet folk :)

We’ve a “Made in Dublin – Christmas” section on our JamArtFactory site here, which ioncludes from top: Laser Cut Wood Poolbeg Decoration by Fiona Snow; White Lady Decoration by Fergus O’Neill; Donal Mangan‘s Whelans print (he also does, Olympia, Brogans, Poolbeg Lighthouse); Geebag and Gobshite mugs by Fergus O’Neill.

We’ve looooooads more on our site if you’d need anything at all, just ask.

Made In Dublin –  Jam Art Factory

Irish-made stocking fillers to marked ‘Irish-made Stocking Fillers’. No fee.

Save Poolbeg.

22 thoughts on “Made In Dublin

  1. Anomanomanom

    Let me get this straight. You can show GEEBAG but you constantly wont allow the word f***. Wtf is up with that.

  2. louislefronde

    Oh for the love of god!

    Those chimmeys are ridculous and should be demolished and replaced with something worthy of the location.

    As a friend noted to me recently, could you imagine a busload of German tourists from the Rhur being asked if they want a tour of the Poolbeg chimneys?

    What do you think the answer would be?

    Seriously, Chimney lovers….you need to travel a bit more!

    1. Grouse

      While we’ve probably hit peak chimney pop art levels (it’s all getting a bit Bill Murray at this stage), your opinion seems pretty odd. Who in god’s name courts the opinion of busloading Germans? They go where the driver takes them, probably a pub or interpretive centre as prearranged with the tour company for a reasonable kickback. Later on they might stop at Oliver St. John Gogarty for a pint of Guinness and some “Dirty Old Town”. They’re not exactly the custodians of high culture.

      I’ve travelled a lot, and I still l still like the chimneys. How much more do I need to travel before my opinion on them will be upgraded? Please advise.

      1. louislefronde

        @Grouse…And while you were on your travels, did you not take in Burj al arab, the Statue of Liberty, The Sydney Opera House to name but a few waterfront monuments?

        Perhaps you might check out El Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias in Valencia, while though not strictly on the waterfront is an excellent example of contemporary architecture which is truly awesome and forward thinking, and built on a brown-field site

        Instead in your opinion, the city should be stuck with a vista of two dilapidated chimneys of no architectural merit, which should never have been built at the entrance of Dublin bay in the first place?

        It really sums up a mindset where there is a noted absence of civic pride, and a series lack of taste.

        1. Anomanomanom

          I don’t actually see what your point, your trying to compare something that is a much loved part of the sky line by people who actually live in a particular part of Dublin with things that are loved in other countries by the foreigners who travel to see them.

        2. Anomanomanom

          By the way, its a nice try throwing out random places you googled. But I’ve traveled all over the place, some the typical tourist places and others not so typical. But ever where I’ve been its also I highlight to find the things locals love that you don’t see plastered on travel guides.

        3. Grouse

          I’ve been to Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, louislefronde. It was interesting, but if there’s one thing Dublin doesn’t need it’s an architectural white elephant built at absolutely monstrous cost on the fringes of the city. I made the mistake of trying to walk from the complex through nearby neighbourhoods. It’s completely disconnected from the broader city, and feels like an unfinished project a decade after its completion. You can feel already that they don’t quite know what to do with it.

          To me it is your comments that appear to be quashing the civic pride that has organically grown towards the towers. As for lack of taste, I’m not sure we’ll find common ground. You seem most impressed by what would be featured in the postcard rack of the airport bookshop. Most of the architects and city planners I have talked to appreciate the Poolbeg towers, and would wish to preserve them in regeneration plans for Poolbeg. Not that I see much prospect for that, as a new generation of industrial processes are being established there.

    2. Starina

      i’ve travelled all over the world and i love Poolbeg chimneys. i look for them every morning on the Luas. don’t be such a grouchypants.

  3. Louis Lefronde

    Why don’t they just knock those horrible chimneys and erect a giant Gulliver instead. At least the tourists and natives would pay to see it!

      1. louislefronde

        C’mon, Dublin was never an industrial city. This is all nonsense.

        I’m sorry, but one was built in the 60’s and the other in the 70’s. They have no architectural merit, and if you have ever seen any pictures of Dublin Bay before they were built, you might release how out of place they are? Moreover, there was a fair number of objections to them being built in the first place.

        The sooner those eyesores are demolished the better

        1. Stev

          Not saying Dublin was an “industrial city”. They’re part of our industrial heritage and a little bit unusual in my opinion.

          They have plenty of architectural merit and are part of the fabric of my city.

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