The current total raised by crowdfunding for the Apollo House occupation.

Via the Irish Housing Network:

All donations will go directly towards the costs of running the current action, and any excess will go directly into a campaign that ends homelessness in Ireland

In fairness

Home Sweet Home (Gofundbme)

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      1. The Bottler

        Why is the Charity Regulator accepting a salary if the resources are not there to do the job properly!

  1. Owen C

    Do they have a cost on running the current action (ie Apollo House). Would be a helpful metric to gauge the success or suitability of the campaign.

    1. Mourning Ireland

      No but the Irish Times is across the road and they haven’t verified it either. It’s too warm in the IT canteen for Kathy Sheridan to walk 500 metres. Have a few more mince pies Kath.

      1. Happy Molloy

        Think we all agreed yesterday that there was nothing wrong with her article. You might have missed it.

  2. Clampers Outside!

    A few questions….

    Goal of €500,000… for what?

    Is this money going to sit in account over Christmas when it should be put to use in the Christmas period?

    Are Simon and Focus losing out?

    1. 15p

      half a million quid seems a lot to keep a building going for a few weeks, a building with no electricity or water. so what are the expenses .. food, blankets, portable generator? .. give me the gig, i bet i can get it all done in under 100k easily.

    2. Goosey Lucy

      Clampers- personally I give every month to Focus and I’ll ensure I give more this month, I’ve no problem with somebody asking where € goes, those who are genuinely interested in helping usually ask- we all want to see it used in the most efficient and effective way possible . Fair dues to their efforts, I don’t want to see people out on the streets- but I don’t see Apollo house as anything other than a PR campaign/ stopgap. Long-term solutions are needed including a real hard look at the many and varied causes of homelessness – and a real plan to tackle these issues, – what I do see the campaign doing is bringing this into the public consciousness again.
      That said- on a late Luas home from work last night a member of their campaign got on and preached to all of us. Tbh it came across v v poorly- roaring at a group of people who are tired/ hungry/ have their own problems and worries generally doesn’t enamour the public.

        1. Ron

          home sweet home have done more to catapult the homelessness issue to the mainstream in the last few weeks then any of the ‘professional charities’ have managed to do in the last couple of years.

        2. Kenny Plank

          Why I asked the question is summed up in this simple tweet from Dearbhail McDonald –

          Seriously, you’re quoting one of DENIS O’BRIEN’S INM SHOWER and then whinge about preachy righteousness? You’re some boo-boo.

  3. Daddy

    “go directly into a campaign that ends homelessness in Ireland”

    For the hiring of Jocky’s ferry to send the homeless out into the Irish Sea and drown them.

  4. DubLoony

    “any excess will go directly into a campaign that ends homelessness”
    How much would be excess? and it would go to exactly what campaign?

    Judge said no more than 40 people, full board for 3 weeks.
    High needs & its Christmas.
    So for sake of argument €200 per person for food for week, for 3 weeks.
    40 X 200 X 3 = €24,000.

    Bedding, toiletries, fixtures & fitting e.g. kitchen. Labour is volunteered.
    €20 Pennys sheets, Dunnes €35 duvets, mattresses have been donated.
    €50 personal toiletries – shampoo, body wash, toothbrush etc (Dealz, €2 euro shops etc)
    €105 *40 = €4,200 plus once off €3,000 kitchen and say same again for showers, water & general plumbing & heating, its cold.
    24,000 food + €4,200 personal care +€3000 kitchen + €3,000 plumbing & heating.

    Grand total €34,200, Let’s round it up to €50,000 because I’m sure there’s a ton of stuff I’ve left out.

    Current donation total is €146,902, minus €50k = €96,902 excess

    So who exactly is going to get €96K?

    1. DubLoony

      I don’t doubt the purity of the ideals behind this action, every penny is sincerely meant. Assuming everyone is law abiding and the action ends on 11-Jan, keep following the money.

    2. Cian

      it’s a political donation. I don’t think the money will be used directly to feed/house the homeless, but will be used to organise ‘campaigns’ to end homelessness.

      1. DubLoony

        A savage indictment of the failure of every other housing campaign group so.

        And on politics in general for having failed so many.

    3. Owen C

      “So for sake of argument €200 per person for food for week”

      So its fillet steak every day then yeah?

  5. Spaghetti Hoop

    In a land notorious for its financial corruption, people still throw money at something with no regulations or accountability!

    1. Loan Some Cow Boy

      when was the last time you got a receipt from your heroin dealer? I can just see you there now – here mate give us a score but I want to claim the VAT back, can you give me your PPS number?

    1. Omar Sarhan

      I don’t agree with you but I would like to see someone draw a picture of Glen Hansard wearing a Marx mask drinking a bottle of Bollinger.

  6. Jocky

    McVerry the tosser is trying to get a shelter shut down. It shows the feudal nature of these charitable figures and its pathetic.

  7. Omar Sarhan

    My only worry is that this will eat into the expected money that other charities rely on.
    I read about this when the ice bucket challenge was going around, ALS charities raised a lot but others that relied on the regular stream of income from regular donations were noticing a drop off. It was an economists argument and an interesting read. A bit like the way a new product can often cannibalise sales of an existing product on the market and screw up things like supply chain and distribution.
    I will try dig it out if anyone is interested, it’s time for sleep now.

  8. Bill

    That’ll buy a lot of heroin for all the junkies currently staying in apollo house. There’s a reason that there has been no pictures released of those staying in it. If people actually realised who was staying there were all junkies, they would not donate.

    1. Kenny Plank

      They have a right to privacy. Why should they be photographed in their new home. It’s not the public street.

      Perhaps you would have no objection to society seeing you photographed in your own bedroom masturbating over a picture of France Fitzgerald.

  9. Frilly Keane

    Hi all

    I bumped up this thread deliberately
    I was semi supportive
    By keeping my mouth shout
    Abd itkinda impinges on the day job

    But yesterday I met 2 of the regular usuals
    The usuals – phds, Talkers Activists Vincent Browne Radio Round Tables familiar voicers
    And no strangers to BS

    “Oh they’re all friends of ours… They’ve been planning this for nearly a year …..We’ll be calling in to say hi when we’re at the Palestine thing on O’Connell Bridge”

    Peter McVerry is right to take action
    Leave this to professionals
    And don’t assume this is a solution to any homeless crisis or housing crisis
    Its a photo op
    And a lucrative gig


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