Poor Donald just wanted to see
A prostitute taking a wee
On another girl’s head
In Obama’s old bed
Which apparently filled him with glee.

John Moynes

78 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

    1. Happy Molloy

      This is getting funnier by the minute. Though 4chan is full of Trump fans so would have to take it, and indeed the entire story, with a grain of salt unless there is something resembling proof to back it up

      1. Sido

        Yeah – the Brit/pol/ section hate Ch4 News and Snowy. (They also hate the BBC but they tend to be more cautious). The idea was to spoof Ch4 into running an exclusive.
        Its all in the Zero Hedge article.
        And if you don’t think the lads at the CIA are capable are capable of spinning this into a Putin story, Then I admire your faith in human nature.

        1. Nigel

          One can believe that the CIA are capable of these kinds of shenanigans AND that the story about Trump could be true AND that a hairy clump of jolly online trolls could either have manufactured a fake story OR claim to have manufactured a true story! What a wacky time to be alive! Be interesting to see how it all shakes out, and by ‘interesting’ I mean ‘hoping to God I don’t have to have the ‘watersports’ conversation with the kids.’

          1. Sido

            2017 promises to be an interesting year. The arse-kicking of the neo-cons, which if we’re honest blighted Obamas presidency, is going to be a tough one.
            Walls and all the other rubbish aside. It needs to happen. Whether Trump will be successful in this endeavour is another story. Its his toughest challenge.
            Get plenty of popcorn in.

          2. Nigel

            It’s not kicking their arses that bothers me, it’s handling the mess they’ve left. Still not sure what his incredible plan to destroy ISIS is.

    2. Daisy Chainsaw

      Urine denial if you think a crass, venal, pussy grabber like Trump wouldn’t be into something like watersports.

      Funny how a paedophile ring operating out of a Pizza parlour, or a German church burned to the ground by muslims or 250 black people rioting on Henry St are all100% true, but this isn’t!

    3. Listrade

      Slightly confused now. That article refers to the document as an official intelligence report and authored by the CIA. Except it isn’t.

      The report(s) are from a consultant (ex British intelligence with Russian connection) who was first hired by the GOP for dirt on Trump and the DNC as part of usual dirt collection in elections. After compiling the report the consultant sent it to the FBI (not CIA), based on the things he’s been told.

      That’s why the media hasn’t referred to it as it isn’t an official intelligence report, it’s a consultant.

      The report and it’s content has been widely known about in Washington and the media since it was finished. It wouldn’t be hard for anyone to post on 4ch at the time seeming to be the author of a prank as the info was out there at that time before the posts. I’m a sceptical about some of the more salacious allegations in the report as I am about this 4ch claim.

      The golden shower stuff is pretty irrelevant anyway, the connection between the Trump campaign staff and Russia is where the real (irrefutable) content is.

  1. Clampers Outside!

    Buzzfeed…. news for the mentally challenged.

    And over on sister regressive left site Salon, they like to promote paedophilia.

    Then of course there’s this ‘The Mick’ …more regressive left nonsense which was to be broadcast on Fox…
    I’m soooo looking forward to watching ‘The Mick’, it’s so liberally forward looking and progressive, with a 6 yr old boy playing a ‘trans’, talking about how the breeze catches his vagina was sooo cute in the trailer. Yeah, that trailer that Fox spent the Christmas removing from the internets.

    And the scene with him wearing a bondage gag you can put your cock in is soooo progressive and funny!

    The liberal ‘progressive’ left’s influence on entertainment is just brilliantly hilarious, and should be encouraged more, with it’s anything goes view of the world. Of course, but not free speech, can’t be having that….. free speech is bad, 6 yr olds playing trans persons wearing bondage gags is funny though, because, 2017.

    What’s this about Trump’s pissin’ party….. did he get his lad out Father?

    Buzzfeed, Salon, 4Chan… they’re all as bad as each other…. in all truth and fairness.

    1. ivan

      D’you’ve any thoughts on the Russian allegations that *aren’t* salacious? The ones referred to in the Guardian link above or the CNN story? Park the Buzzfeed thing for a moment and assume it’s horsepoo, like….

      1. Clampers Outside!

        The Guardian piece is just taking it’s lead from Buzzfeed is it not…. and the story The Guardian is writing is of that material that is ‘Unverified and potentially unverifiable’… ‘The Donald Trump Dossier’ live update is all that can be commented on… let’s wait for Trump’s press conference later today…

        This isn’t news until it’s verifiable, it’s gossip and bull until it’s verified. I don’t subscribe to the left’s approach that an accusation is as good as prosecution the way Salon and Buzzfeed have been known to do.
        Anyway, so what if Russia did some interfering in a US election. America has been interfering in elections all over the world… who said the US can’t be touched, who said it’s invincible..? Pfffft.

        It’s LOL funny to think that this interference (to whatever extent) is somehow amazing and shocking to some people… ffs.

        Let’s wait… for verifiable stuff…

        1. edalicious

          “the left’s approach that an accusation is as good as prosecution”?

          Let’s be fair here, that’s an issue that seems to be affecting both sides of the political divide these days.

        2. ivan

          And d’you subscribe to, say, DJT’s approach that an accusation is as good as prosecution with, say, allegations about the veracity of a birthcert? I mean, I’m teetering close to what-aboutery here, but as is said below, this isn’t a trait of The Left, and your assertion that it is (“the left’s approach that an accusation is as good as prosecution…..”) is rather disingenous.

          1. Clampers Outside!

            You sound like Nigel with the ‘do you…’ questions Ivan… but you pulled back from the whataboutery, so fair enough…

            I just see it as a way bigger problem on the left, as most media are left leaning, but yes, it”s not an exclusively left problem, no.

        3. Listrade

          Have you read either the Buzzfeed or Guardian pieces? The Buzzfeed piece makes no accusations, it took a decision to publish the memos that have been in circulation and hinted at for months.

          The memos took on importance because they were referred to in the briefings given to Obama and Trump. Buzzfeed states at the start the accusations are unverified, but chose to give to the public the information everyone else had. I don’t see that as being “news for the mentally challenged”, I see it as letting us make our own minds up.

          You could look at the memos (this isn’t an intelligence report) and focus on the sexual stuff.

          You could look at the memos and see a list of names working on the Trump campaign with very close ties to Putin and Russia and think hmmmmm, that’s a bit suspicious. Add that with the timelines of their dealings with Putin and then their timelines on the Trump campaign and get a bit more suspicious. You could also add in statements by Assange himself that he had info on Trump and the GOP right around the time that Trump decided to have a love-in with Wikileaks and then the Podesta emails were released, but none of the stuff on Trump.

          You could look at the memos and think “is that it?” a consultant spoke to a few of their old contacts and came up with some innuendo and information already covered (but ignored) on people in Trump’s campaign and that’s what has sparked this whole investigation.

          or you could not read the report and go on a rant about a network comedy show.

          1. Nigel

            People have been reporting on Trump’s verified Russian ties for a while now, but they never got a huge amount of coverage.

          2. Listrade

            True. Seems even more odd that there wasn’t more coverage given all were aware of this report.

          3. Nigel

            Least surprising outcome – watergames story turns out to be untrue, or unprovable, lots of people pretend that means other Russian ties fake/irrelevant/discredited. Most surprising outcome – there’s video footage. However Trump supporters applaud prostitutes peeing on Obama’s bed, think it’s a great idea, and this becomes ‘the Russian connection’ and everyone pretends the actual ties aren’t important. What I’m saying is the chances of Trump facing any consequences beyond being the butt of a few jokes is pretty slim. He might not get re-elected, but that’s four years away.

          4. Listrade

            I’m outraged that we would even consider shaming someone for their sexual preferences and kinks.

          5. Nigel

            My main reaction was hoping, if true, that the women got well paid and otherwise enjoy decent working conditions as sex-workers. Not really surprising that hating Obama has turned into a kink, when you think about it. I resent that I’m now thinking about it, though.

          6. Nigel

            The only real chance of something like this affecting Trump’s supporters would be if the prostitutes turned out to be male. Though they’d probably start screaming that Trump’s critics were being homophobic. Still wouldn’t be talking about Trump’s actual ties with Russia.

        4. Clampers Outside!

          No, I read the bit from BuzzFeedBen who sent it to be published and what he the *cough* journalist who revealed the story says … “there is serious reason to doubt the allegations”

          What’s the point in reading this, are you going to read stories now that are, by the journalists own admission to be doubtful in truth… something like that is not supposed to make it to print until verified somehow, never mind his admission that there is “SERIOUS” doubt to the authenticity as according to the journalist, it’s all “DOUBTFUL”

          That’s all I read, and that’s all that needs to be read until the story is confirmed… somewhere or somehow. The rest is speculation and nonsense…. like pizza gate.

          So, Listrade, I read what needed to be read. I’ll not waste my time with what the reporter themselves call “doubtful”, esp coming from some regressive site like Buzzfeed.

          But you read away lad, read away all the claptrap you want. I’ll wait for verification thanks.

          You see it as, “letting us make our own minds up” …. Good for you.

          I see it as feeding the masses and the gullible potentially and likely fake-news and very very likely half truths, with hints of reality, all to keep them stupid and distracted, angry and divided.

          As you said, I was left to make up my own mind. Which I did and when I read that the journalist himself who published it called the whole thing “doubtful”, I was done.

          1. Listrade

            Here’s the problem. Your comments on the “left” media don’t stand up if you haven’t read any of those pieces. They aren’t treating them as accusations, they’re discussing the facts that surround this memo. Twitter might be making golden shower jokes, but the media are reporting on the handling of the memo and the specific ties to Russia within Trump’s staff.

            The sexual allegations may be dubious. The issue of Russia having leverage on Trump based on video of these acts may be dubious, but the rest of the report concerns already verified ties between the Trump campaign and Russia.

            The media reports are about the handling of the report, that the FBI have it and that John McCain took it seriously enough to send to the FBI himself when he saw it. That is news, no matter what you think and is in the public interest. The fact that the FBI would (as was alleged at the time) write to the Senate about Clinton while also investigating Trump but not mention that and now we have the information they have is news. Whether we consider this memo worthy of the FBI mentioning or not is different.

            This isn’t fake news. It is actual news. The media aren’t discussing the content as much as you’d think, they are reporting the handling of the memos since their release.

            I’ll agree with your comments on Buzzfeed in general with 17 times Gilmour Girls summed up my feelings about Buzzeed, but on this occasion I think they were right. This is what the whole media and numerous governments have sat on for months and some of it was definitely in the public interest.

          2. Clampers Outside!

            Yes, as I said, it’s peppered with half truths…. I’ll wait for better info, thanks. Nothing wrong with doing that.

            With regard to the handling of it, I read some of that, and there’s still f’all to be garnered from that…
            As you say, “The media reports are about the handling of the report, that the FBI have it and that John McCain took it seriously enough to send to the FBI himself when he saw it. That is news”. But the rest, the content, is “unverifiable and potentially unverifiable”.

            So, essentially they are writing about the collection and trail of a story of unverifiable content. I don’t care if the Russians were involved, it does not surprise me. Why should it? To be surprised by that, when the US have been doing it all over the world, is a bit naive, no?

            But…. that’s the US for ya. Many Clinton and Trump stories did the rounds before being confirmed or denied, so will this, and then I’ll take a look then.
            If I thought it worth looking at in more detail sooner than that, I would, but I don’t.
            Simple as.

          3. Listrade

            Unverified isnt the same as half truths, that has yet to be demonstrated whether accurate or not. Fortunately all but the golden shower stuff is very easily verified as it is specific information on meetings with dates and locations. So easily verified that it makes you wonder why an intelligence briefing would refer to this report if such easily verified information was false. It wouldn’t take them long at all to verify those aspects, you’d have to think they already have. If not, it’d be very negligent to have had this report for months and not investigated.

            And don’t forget, it was the GOP who kicked off this report initially.

            Your lack of interest in the story is noted, a lot of posts though to say you’re not interested. Wish I could get so energetic about something I’ve no interest in. But the main issue is you were wrong: no media accusations and it isn’t fake news, but yes Buzzfeed is crap.

    2. Dough Berman

      Watching Clampers’ gradual descent into genuine mental illness has stopped being funny at this point.

        1. Dough Berman

          Well, you seem to be saying that Salon has a pro-paedophile agenda, making noises about similar issues surrounding some ad campaign for some TV show, and are making other claims belonging to a general class of conspiracies about “the media” etc. You’re a whisker away from talking about cultural Marxism, the Frankfurt School, and other bogeymen of the alt-right. Anyone using that to troll or stifle discussion is just having a good old time. Anyone believing it reflects reality is of questionable sanity at least.

          1. Dough Berman

            Oh, the guy who’s founded an organisation to help paedophiles resist the urge to attack children? Yeah, mate, you’re dead right, we should stop that in its tracks. LOL.

            It is, at the most charitable, deliberately misleading to describe that as ‘a pro-paedophile agenda’. At the least charitable, it’s representative of the kind of distorted reasoning patterns associated with (drum roll) incipient mental illness.


            Here is your reply. I hope you enjoy it.

          2. Clampers Outside!

            You said they have an ‘agenda’ I said they like to push the story that paedophiles are not ‘monsters’.
            They are.

            The rest, from here on – “You’re a whisker away…” – is just an accusation made on the internet….

          3. jusayinlike

            Dough berman throws his lot behind pedos and than wonders why people question his integrity and sanity

          4. Dough Berman

            “I said they like to push the story that paedophiles are not ‘monsters’”

            No. You said: “they like to promote paedophilia”. That’s a direct quote. Scroll up if you don’t believe me. The vast gulf between the things you refer to and the reality can be accounted for in two ways: You’re being disingenuous, or you’re losing touch with reality. Pick your poison.

          5. jusayinlike

            questioning other people’s sanity whilst promoting a pro pedo club is a dangerous line to walk dough..

            keep on truckin as they say

          6. Clampers Outside!

            Yes Dough, thank you for this time using a real and genuine quote of what I said.

            I’m not alone in saying that Salon promote paedophilia, as I’ve read it in many many comments about that piece and other related piece, both from people in professional media positions and randomers on the web, who accuse Salon of promoting and normalising it.

            And I agree. That’s my prerogative init.

          7. Dough Berman

            Throw me a link to a few of these professional media people agreeing with you that Salon “like to promote paedophilia”.

          8. Clampers Outside!

            You could Google “Salon promotes paedophilia” and start there….

            Or… try this…

            This one is conservative so you likely won’t read it…

            Or…. on the normalising of paedophila accusation, one can simply point to this short quote from the Salon piece, in which Salon asks readers to to ‘learn to accept’ paedophiles like him, and not to think pf paedophiles as monsters.
            But hey, you already read the whole piece and watched the video like I did, so you know this already, yeah.

          9. Dough Berman

            The Medium post is a blog with 125 followers. No1curr. From the one I likely wouldn’t read:

            “I’ve seen a good number of conservatives slamming this confession, often on the presumption that it represents an attempt to “mainstream” pedophilia. Respectfully, I have to disagree with this assessment.”

            I’ll have a bit less of your back-sass about likely not reading things then, thanks. In support of the claim that he’s seen “a good number of conservatives” make that claim, the author links to a site called twitchy, which I’m not familiar with. The ‘MikeP’ who authored the piece on this twitchy place is also unknown to me. Have to call that a swing and a miss.

            Also, just as a caution if you want to have another stab at it, finding people who condemned or criticised the piece in and of itself will not lend any support to your claim that your position is widely held. The position in question is “Salon likes to promote paedophilia”, not “Salon once published an opinion piece by a paedophile”. The latter is trivial, the former is the sort of thing only said by people who are intentionally distorting matters in hopes of deceiving others, or by people who are mentally ill.

            And no, shockingly, I didn’t end up watching the eight-minute youtube video titled “How the Left pushes pedophilia”. Much as I don’t listen intently when a homeless person tries to tell me about the government stealing their thoughts. Why would I?

      1. Clampers Outside!

        Plse do elaborate on your accusation..

        And please, for the love of someone’s God, and for variety, why not give an answer that hasn’t been given already as I won’t be answering if you guys can’t imagine anything beyond the same crappy boring and tedious insults. Thanks again.

        1. Taanbuaagam

          You’re welcome

          A good start would be not to be so defensive but admit you have a potential problem. So for example when a poster reaches out to you like I did maybe try not labelling it as an “accusation”. It’s nothing of the sort but a mere observation based on what every other poster here has observed in your pot rattling and obstacle erecting over the last months

          1. Clampers Outside

            “Reaching out” ….LOL!
            Don’t label it an “accusation”, when that’s exactly what it is?

            Em, sorry, if I had any mental health records, do you have them, no? So, it is an accusation.

            Go away ya ignorant muppet. :)

          2. Taanbuaagam

            That’s exactly the kind of reaction to which I refer. You seem like a sound lad overall making your recent downward spiral somewhat genuinely gruesome to behold.

  2. Ferret McGruber

    I don’t care whether the Trump story if true ir false. What is verifiable is that John Moynes is a poetic genius.

  3. jeremy kyle

    The real outrage here is that someone was allegedly paid to piss in Donald Trump’s face when I would’ve done it for free.

  4. Clampers Outside!

    Do you know what is really funny about this…. there was no one triggered on the Trump side into going mental on Moynes, unlike the intolerant Hillary lot who went batsh** crazy over pizza gate.

    Nice init, refreshing to know not everyone gets triggered, even if they are ‘deplorables’.

    Anyway… more LOLs…..

    “Buzzfeed accused of epic fail over Trump allegations” –

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      Look at my trousers… I love you Baby…
      Please don’t go..o..ohhh….
      I love you Baby…
      Your sister is lying…
      – It was your Mother???
      – But you told me….

      Please don’t go..oo.oooh…
      I’m begging you to sta…

      Put that down… That’s worth £23.15 on e-Bay, only cost me £19.99 back in 1977. Pink vinyl, collectors edition…

      Okay, that’s it.

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