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George Galbraith tweetz:

Crime committed on Patricks Parade D9 this morning. Need cameras. Called in Mountjoy, no answer.


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  1. postmanpat

    Why would the police get involved? it not a sexy enough case. The police don’t care about any crime unless it makes the papers/ tabloid TV3 News, (who they tip off before they contact the next of kin if it has a hint of gangland about it).

    1. Nigel

      Wait, which Horatio? Horatio on the bridge? Hamlet’s Horatio? Horatio Hornblower? A Roman centurion, a student from the late middle ages, or a naval officer from the Napoleonic wars? What the hell sort of story do you think this is?

      1. edalicious

        I’m getting a great image of Horatio Hornblower arriving back at his ship to find someone’s smashed the back window and made off with his brand new matching sextant and spyglass.

  2. Leopold Gloom

    Also why go to the trouble of blacking out the reg, yet not do the same for car across road or for young child and parent in picture.

  3. chris

    Always feel so sorry for people when I walk past their cars with smashed windows like this. Is a regular sight on Cowper St in Stonybatter.

    What do you do in this situation? Ring the Guards and your Insurance I guess. Do you lose your No Claims Bonus?

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Depends which insurer you are with. I had a car which was joy-ridden and dropped back wrecked about ten years ago. The claims agent at Quinn tried to mark it down as ‘accidental damage’ which would have lost me my bonus – but I explained it was malicious damage – and that retained the bonus.

      But that was then. Six years ago my car was parked beside one which was torched. In that case of malicious damage with FBD I lost the no-claims bonus.

      I haven’t had much luck in this area.

      1. Anne

        Accidental? Like whoops we took your car for a bit of a spin through a few ditches and wrecked it type of ‘accident’?

      2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        You can insure your no claims bonus. I do it: I think it’s around 30 snots extra.

    2. Sheepeyes

      I live on Cowper Street. Nightmare being a car owner. I ended up getting a parking permit for the street around the corner and car was still smashed. Gardai came to dust for fingerprints, usual procedure but nothing to be found on the car. Asked them about putting cameras up on the street. My house has been broken into twice in the last 3 years and no one has ever been caught for it. Again, no cameras to catch anything. Its so frustrating, I was told that there is a camera in the school across the road but they couldn’t check it for “data protection reasons”. They won’t put a camera up on the street and they apparently aren’t allowed to put up a sign to warn anyone who parks their car there that it is an area which sees a high level of damage done to cars. I don’t blame the gardai because I really believe they are doing their best within the remit they have. But there have been a number of petitions sent to DCC and local councillors for a camera to be installed and nothing has ever come of it. I was told that there is an increased level of gardai presence in the area to act as a deterrent. And there are – but they’re there to keep an eye on what’s happening in Drumalee, not to watch out for the local brats damaging people’s property for sport. I was also threatened by 2 young fellas on Aughrim Street one night because they thought I was an undercover garda (I’m a woman). I can’t afford to move because our landlord is very decent and has kept the rent at a reasonable rate but its quite stressful. And its a shame because the neighbours are lovely and Stoneybatter for the most part is a great area and a great location.
      Anyway, rant over!

      1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        Hopefully you’ll have better luck from now on. It’s the through traffic (of people) you also have to deal with in Stoney-B as it’s on the way into town and, sure, why not rob a car on the way in?

      2. Anne

        I would have thought the guards should be able to check the camera in the school, if they are bothered that is.

      3. Boj

        I lived on Summerhill Parade for over 2 years and my car (thankfully ha) was only damaged once, The entire road had wing mirrors kicked off, hope they broke their foot! Anyway, I contacted the gardai and was told that line of cannot view camera’s due to this and that. I persisted and eventually got them to check footage a few weeks later, yer man was caught red-footed and prosecuted. Any camera footage in this country can be viewed by the gardai with a warrant, apparently the lads on my case didn’t want to do the paper work…just sayin…in my experience, you need to push most ‘institutions’ in this country to do their job. Best of luck anyway, it can be very frustrating!

      4. edalicious

        I’ve a good few mates that live around there and it seems to be a chronic problem; grand area to live in, lovely people, but just a few little scuts running around, wrecking everyone’s heads. A mate of mine had her window boxes knocked down every couple of weeks so she nailed them down to stop it happening and the little feckers took this as a challenge and just reefed the whole front off the box and threw the flowers all over the street.

        1. Ronan

          “Grand area to live in” except for the “chronic” vandalism of cars and houses and the occasional break in…..

        1. Sheepeyes

          Thanks for the sympathy folks, sure we’ll muddle through with the help of some scotch and pictures of kittens :D

  4. Brother Barnabas

    Speaking as someone who occasionally smashes up cars, I’d have to say that such an incident is unlikely to be random.

  5. Hmmm

    There should be cameras up on most roads and estates in the city, the police can’t be everywhere at once and are not much of a deterrent to this sort of scum. Camera catching them in the act is the best option

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      I disagree. The cameras get smashed or covered, and the culprits wear hoodies and scarves to shield their identities. I would prefer if the old bill were back on the streets and out from behind desks.

      1. Hmmm

        The cameras could be linked to local command centres like some parts of England, who contact the police when an incident is in progress, it would be another tool for the police to aide the police

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