Broadsheet Trailer Park: Star Trek: Discovery



What you may need to know

1. Before you get excited, this is not an actual trailer, more of an “announcement” that production has finally begun on CBS’s latest addition to the 50 year old sci-fi franchise.

2. That’s better than nothing, since the original plan was for the new series to air in January this year. That’s obviously not going to happen. Do you want it done quick, or do you want it done right?

3. Discovery is the first Star Trek TV series since the disappointing Star Trek Enterprise ended in 2005.

4. It hasn’t been a smooth ride so far: admired showrunner Bryan Fuller (Hannibal) was at the helm initially, but announced last year, before a single frame had been shot, that he would be stepping back from the role due to the responsibilities of other TV shows he was juggling. According to Variety, he has remained on board as executive producer and the show will follow his creative vision.

5. As for the plot, little has been revealed thus far, other than it is set before the original 1963 series. From the show’s wiki page: “The season-long storyline revolves around an incident and an event in Star Trek history that’s been talked about but never been explored”. There’s a ton of speculation about what that could mean here:

6. Michelle Yeoh has been cast in a major role, but it’s thought that the lead character (for the first time) won’t be a starship captain, but a lower-ranked officer.

7. Also – pay attention now – Star Trek Discovery will be set in the “original” universe (i.e. William Shatner and the lads) rather than the “alternate” timeline created by the recent big-screen reboots (i.e. Chris Pine and the lads). It’s a whole time travel thing that Star Trek fans will be au fait with, but nobody else will probably care.

8. It’s about time we got a high-profile, big-budget sci-fi series. The insane success of Game of Thrones – among non-fantasy or high-concept fans, crucially – proves that there’s an appetite out there for more than just crime drama series. Applying the 21st century style of small-screen storytelling to Star Trek’s rich tapestry is an enticing prospect for everyone.

9. No air date is set but May of this year is the best guess. On Netflix, naturally.

Verdict: Fascinating.

10 thoughts on “Broadsheet Trailer Park: Star Trek: Discovery

  1. jimmy russell

    I personally cant wait to see a sexed up and dumbed down version of star trek, and I’m really looking forward to the muslim/gay/trans mouthpiece characters who even though they live in a futuristic post-scarcity utopian society, will still harangue the audience about how terrible it used to be for them back in the 21st century, also I cant wait to see the donald trump analogue who’ll be the recurring villain.

      1. Kieran NYC


        Bigots who like Star Trek always confuse me.

        Do they *entirely* miss the point of the show?

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      That is a mad watch. Wasn’t expecting to like it at all, but it’s addictive viewing.

  2. Fully Keen

    Adventures of good looking people having possibly romantic feelings. I hope they throw in a few good character actors. Not make it too slick.

  3. postmanpat

    It’s will be implied that the main female first officer character is gay and in the end we will find out she is happily married to a boring male human of similar ethnicity and have regular human kids together. The audience will never see it coming and wont know what to think!

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