The Simple Bear Necessities




This afternoon.

Cherywood/Ballybrack border area, South County Dublin

Thanks Dan

15 thoughts on “The Simple Bear Necessities

  1. martco

    occasionally drive past this crature…,always give him a little bip of the horn just to keep the spirits up

    but in this weather tho :( …this is what the phrase “aw no, the poor miserable bastad” was invented for

  2. Rob_G

    Can’t they get a pole for that sign…

    seriously though, the poor divil – I hope someone in the area brings him over a cup of coffee.

    1. Cian

      planning permission won’t be given. fines are high enough that paying someone to hold it makes sense in some ways.

  3. The Real Chris

    You see a lot of this with small businesses struggling to stay afloat but unable to direct people to their businesses. The council will not allow any signs anywhere, maybe with reason but it’s not fair to independent businesses, usually paying a staunch rent. My mates Auto Repair Garage went under, it was down a lane, sounds stupid but he couldn’t just have a sign that said ‘Garage’ and pointed to it. This situation is repeated ad infinitum. These businesses hire people to hold these disparate signs with no other options. They cynically encourage entrepreneurs nationally but on a local level they will happily hamper your efforts to succeed.

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