The Heat Of The Knight


TDK Heat

It’s widely known how Christopher Nolan used Michael Mann’s Heat (1995) as inspiration for The Dark Knight (2008) in terms of the look and feel, themes and so on.  

This side-by-side comparison of the two shows exactly where that influence ended up. There are also some shots from Mann’s other films Collateral (2004) and LA Takedown (1989) – of which Heat was a remake.

Full screen + HD for maximum enjoyment.


4 thoughts on “The Heat Of The Knight

    1. rotide

      we already had the discussion about that article about a month ago (on one of Doug’s review articles if memory serves)

  1. rotide

    Video essays like this can be great.

    This one isn’t. It’s far too much of a reach. The bank scene and the truck – maybe. 2 people shot on long lens mid shots? Michael Mann or Nolan certainly doesn’t have the market cornered on that.

  2. Cloud

    You’re saying it’s a coincidence? It’s not. Nolan has said many times how he based his film on that one.

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