Getting Your Chat Together



Who’s doing it LIVE?

We are.

Broadsheet on the Telly will be streaming above and on our YouTube channel at 11.45 tonight.

A discussion show involving real people cradling a spliff large Scotch tay and nattering LIVE from their work spaces/kitchens.

If you want something covered by the panel tonight please leave your suggestions below.


During the chat, Olga said Ms Hannon reported that the McCabe referral file containing the false allegation of digital penetration – which the counsellor made for Tusla – contained the names of two alleged abuse victims. This was a mistake and incorrect. Ms Hannon said the file contained the names of two alleged abusers. Sincere apologies.

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120 thoughts on “Getting Your Chat Together

  1. Smith

    Given Broadsheet’s relative independence, and the fact that these contributors are (probably not) on the payrolls of media organisations, or at least not representing them, it would be interesting to discuss media ownership, its impact on journalism etc especially in this ‘post-truth’ environment of alternative facts.

    1. Smith

      + not just ownership but other issues like right v left, impact of advertising, political pressure etc etc.

      I think a forum like this would facilitate a more honest and unemcumbered discussion

          1. The Lady Vanishes

            I’m sure they’ll get round to discussing media ownership in the course of time, Smith.

            It’s been a fairly consistent theme on this site.

      1. Devine

        Left.v right. Please no, I’d rather watch paint dry. There are far too many lefties in Ireland, inhabiting their own echo chamber. Of course as soon as they have money, they cease to be lefties

    1. Frilly Keane


      I was part of discussions on other boards over the years; where we discussed and logged Journo’s lifting stuff from users posts and publishing it/ broadcasting stuff they lifted

      sur a well known site, now gone, was no stranger to lifting whole threads
      even an entire Page of threads to get some activity going

      They didn’t like being caught out, and weren’t shy with the ‘Strongly worded Letters”
      FFS: where da’ú(k d’ye think most ‘ve of the 125 things I love about the GAA you saw on buses came from

      ha! That reminds me, anyone about remember what happened when ” ….he can name all the girls on an U-13 camogie team but cant get the XXX team for Sunday right” …..twas about 18 months before someone checked his texts and facebook page;

      anyway all that lifting and cogging is pretty much gone now since twitter etc are sources delivered straight to the journo

  2. DD

    How about an earnest discussion on the importance to Irish culture of photographs of objects which look like Ireland?

  3. jusayinlike

    The blatant cul de sac that is the voting considering either of the corrupt right wing parties have to have a majority and the rest is made of useful idiots..

  4. Fully Keen

    Please talk about Garda McCabe and Enda Kenny.

    That’s very important…

    *sarcasm beyond readable levels*

  5. esǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    I think it’s important to note that the most vocal criticism of this endeavour comes from the ones with nothing to say.
    – The ones who wouldn’t EVER have the balls, taunting those who do.

    Why don’t you just shut up?
    Why don’t you just participate?
    – choose one or GFY.

    Nobody wants to know what you cannot articulate…

      1. esǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

        Keep it to yourself, yep.
        I have something simmering in my pot.

        Not supposed to be released until the year 3000, but it might be ready for next week.
        – ‘Don’t wear socks’ is all I’m prepared to say right now.

        It’s going to be super.

          1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

            You’d be extremely underwhelmed mildred.
            I look very ordinary.

            I look just like every other skinny 55yr old grey-haired, acid-fried, rastafarian, stoned, unshaven, drunken father of two (or three) ruffian in a hoodie in Tallaght.
            We all look alike.
            Very ordinary.

        1. esǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

          I’d do it, no problem, any time, any place. ..
          …but think about it for a minute, please…

          If I went on it nobody else would come on it.
          I’ve done all that ‘talking-to-yourself’ stuff before.

          I am working on a project
          shurrup… its starting

  6. esǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    Tonight will be better than last Thursday
    Next Thursday will be better again.

    Then they’ll cop on, shift the timing and it will be Saturday Mornings you’ll be fighting for a place on the panel of…

    Just watch…

  7. esǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    Forgive me if I seem sentimental.
    I’m a cynical existentialist at heart.
    My favourite subject in school was Maths.
    I believe in 1 + 1 = 2.
    You see more in the darkness.
    Real talent is a curse.
    Proper cursing is a talent.

    I’m looking forward to tonight.
    I’d like to take this opportunity to thank whoever it is who turns up on tonight’s panel.
    YOU are the real MVPs.

  8. Nialler

    Would it not be better to get in there early doors and discuss the Tommy Byrne documentary on RTE 1, could be interesting and polarising

    1. esǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      I was going to say ‘slow down cowboy’, but then I thought about it…
      You probably meant to say POLITICIANS are PROSTITUTES but your auto-correct got the better ofyou.
      Harpoons to the best of ux.

  9. Smith

    I get the impression that a few of these participants are slightly high from their 5 minutes of late night internet fame. They’re not very endearing, and are rather smug.

    1. The Lady Vanishes

      Didn’t get that at all.

      I thought they were more relaxed and there was better conversation this week. More at home with the group but a long way off smug.

      Endearing? They’re not auditioning for Christmas elves.

      1. Smith

        My mistake. I did not know that the word ‘endearing’ could only be used in relation to Christmas elves.

  10. The Lady Vanishes

    Just watching it now… great to put a face to the person responsible for the McCabe timeline and looking forward to hearing more from Olga Cronin in future.

    I really enjoyed hearing all the contributors, each uniquely different and interesting, and refreshingly sincere. Well done Broadsheet.

    1. esǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      You don’t get it, nadsman, do you?
      That’s okay.
      Nobody needs to know.

      You seem to be judging this on it’s content.
      Not up to your standard, eh?

      I presume from that that you applied to be on the panel yourself, but didn’t make it into the final six…
      I could be wrong…

      My point is… This ‘project’ should be judged on it’s potential, not it’s previous performance.

      I’ve promised not to fight with anyone this week. You are the first one I am not fighting with. It’s okay. I’m calm.

      1. The Lady Vanishes

        I’d say he didn’t apply to be on the panel because he was too afraid of getting slagged off?!!

          1. The Lady Vanishes

            A gravatar of a woman born in the 1920s, photographed just before the extermination of the vast majority of her people.

            So yes, probably dead now, but until there’s a positive identification of the photo reverse image search can only tell us so much.

            Glad you noticed it, she deserves not to be forgotten.

      2. Enter Sandman

        Why? If it’s crap now it doesn’t mean it will get any less crap? Probably more as the five or so people watching dwindle it down to just you

      3. Enter Sandman

        You presume wrongly Mummy

        If I wanted to help out what looks like a secondary school production I’d help out my own kids not other poeples

  11. jusayinlike

    Great show, fair play to all involved, thanks to Edel and Olga for participating.. sky’s the limit

      1. jusayinlike

        Agh it’s to be expected, great start and loads of potential though, look forward to when you can integrate clips of dail speeches and RTE bias into it..

    1. Enter Sandman

      The inclusion of those two screamed “tokenism” to me .

      Like the obligatory black or gay friend in US sitcoms before Will and Grace

      Presenter John is stilted, unprepared and dreadful at it. A corpse would do a better job. What sort of producer can’t see that? They should get a professional host

      1. Moore street revisited

        Oh look who has entered the room.. the whistleblower blowing the whistle on all but himself. any chance we could get Anne and Sandman on next week . Throw in a stall and a few fish and you could rename it Moore Street at your Door.

  12. esǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    I forgot to say…

    I felt very dissatisfied with this week’s episode.
    I was led to believe there would be no women. I spent a whole afternoon writing jokes about sausages.

  13. Lord Muck

    This is great, production wise early days but still great, well done. Why not remake Shay Healy’s Nighthawks with John ‘Preposterous’ Ryan as Shay making his way around a bar full of broadsheet raconteurs, bands etc etc

    1. Frilly Keane

      Muck is absolutely spot on

      if this is to stick at all
      especially at that effin hour
      is the vibe that would work
      for me anyway

      do the serious stuff on the Saturday/ Sunday Brunch tim; when the place is dead and we’re looking for excuses not to do housework

      and sur Marian herself only gives the heavy stuff 6 – 8 minutes anyway

  14. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    I’d just like to say that I’d buy Johnny A a pint if I ever met him.
    He’s me favourite one.

    I’m starting a Fan Club.
    There will be badges and everything.
    No, hold on… what is it again..?

    I’m starting a fund raiser on the internet
    A Kickstroker… that thing where you get money off people… I’m doing one of them.

    It’s going to be called ‘The Johnny A Fannies’.
    Who’s in?

  15. Frilly Keane

    sorry lads
    and particularly to the cast crew that put themselves up for this, especially at such an unsocial hour

    but that was dreary
    and I scooted through it
    it was monotone, far too serious, and no argy bargy

    that lad Keenan was the only colour ye had
    only for ‘im
    afaic anyway

    although it must be said
    yer man Conor keeps a grand clean kitchen

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      I don’t know about that now Frill, I thought it was an improvement on last week.

      The tone was a wee bit lighter tonight, and I got a few chuckles. Once they figure out their set up, it should be great.

      Well done lads and ladies.

      1. Frilly Keane

        I agree it will be great

        and Mickie Mc Brian has definitely displayed the cop on to make it slicker and less home-made

        now, are you sure it was better than last week or are you just drooling over Olga

        1. mildred st. meadowlark

          I dunno. Conor and his ‘fanmail’ suggests otherwise.

          I do wonder… did John get any? ;)

          I’ll be sending a love letter to Olga myself. She was great. I thought she did a very good job on the McCabe story – certainly made the whole thing clearer to me.

          1. Enter Sandman

            Provide a time link or fupp off Harry

            Sounds like you should be their PR man though I’m not going to wade through 2 hours of a student production to see a little glimpse of not even breast

          2. mildred st. meadowlark

            Sorry but are you implying that the only reason for a woman to be there is so she can flash a bit of bosom for your amusement? Are you actually implying that or is my sarcasm detector faulty?

          3. mildred st. meadowlark

            Oh you divil.

            Join me over on the cannabis thread, if you want to see me in full self-righteous mode ;)

  16. Smith

    While John set some of the terms for interesting debate and made some good interjections, I felt the balance of speaker time was off. The producer Mike had too much air time and jumped in ahead of other participants who were nominated to speak, or wanted to contribute.

  17. Pat Harding

    Now this has great potential, and there were some very insightful comments, I particularly enjoyed the ones about the fact that Primetime devoted 19 minutes to End Kenny and only 4 minutes to Katie Hannon last night.

    I thought the observations about Coveney were spot on, he’s bland, will appeal to the Fine Gael support base and the observation that he is Peter Sutherland’s favoured comment was excellent.

    Coveney should come out and explain what he is doing in the Bilderberg Group, what are their objectives, and why should the Irish public trust a man who has voluntarily associated with them.

    One or two of the commenters made me cringe with their naivety concerning Sinn Fein, and I suspect this comes from the fact that they grew-up after the troubles and therefore have no knowledge of the criminality, viciousness of elements within the IRA, who would have no hesitation of silencing critics (with the bullet or a punishment beating) if they had their hands on the leavers of power. One should not forget, that Ireland in the 70’s and 80’s was a de facto security state largely due to the activities of PIRA. This climate enabled and empowered the powers that be, including the likes of the Haugheyites to effectively use those powers for their own corrupt ends. Much of the rot in the cops can be traced back to the 80’s also.

    So be careful who you wish for, you have no real idea of who you are getting.

    I also cringe at some of the leftist rhetoric on offer. In my experience, these people offer no vision for the future of the country, no substantial overhaul of the political system in any meaningful way. They bang on about the 8th amendment, but fail to recognise that its the constitution which needs to be updated and modernised for the 21st century. In my experience, the Irish left when in office pull the same trick they have always pulled, namely the heap additional taxes on the squeezed middle and call it progressive taxation, meanwhile the very wealthy are going to their tax advisors and depositing their money offshore and into tax havens.

    And while I was listening to the Millenials whinge, I was asking myself, where are the representative voices for Gen X, the people who seem to have disappeared from the equation?

    1. Mahoney

      Bilderberg Group? lol tinfoil hat much? also Sinn Fein had long since put the IRA behind them, stop trying to scaremonger about the big bad IRA, they’re long gone.

        1. Mahoney

          most of them are on the other side of the soil by now, I hardly think a bunch or senior citizens are much of a threat

    2. mildred st. meadowlark

      You’ve made a great point about the naivete of some commenters re Sinn Fein. Was only talking to someone about this the other day.

      I was born after the Troubles, or at the end of them, at least. So by the time I was old enough to understand, or even be aware of such a conflict, there was a sort of… separation from the immediacy, the pain and the cultural wounds inflicted by both sides. And because of that, even though I know what happened, I can never understand the depth of damage done by the Troubles, and those involved.

      So, as a result, I think I am naive when it comes to SF, and would be a more… sympathetic voter – not because I agree with the methods they once employed, but because I see them as a potential alternative to FF/FG. Does that make sense? Or is it just a bit too… convoluted?

    3. Harry Molloy

      Agree with most of this, though I couldn’t give a toss about Coveny being a little bland, what impressed me about him is the housing plan. It remains to be seen how effective it is, and it prompted the usual cries that it didn’t solely concern social housing, but at least is detailed width multiple initiatives and a lot of moving parts. He is showing himself capable of managing a difficult brief and trying multiple approaches.
      I’ve always been a fan of Leo, and have long said he’d make a great leader some day as he gap a great presence, is smooth and a good talker and all those things people say Kenny is not, but I think Coveny has shown himself to be more competent of late.

      I’d prefer him to be present at the BB group than not, but don’t share the concern a lot do about such groups. They’re just people and, believe it or not, most people want a pleasant and happy world.

  18. Twinser

    Big thumbs up. Totally got your chat together, “two cheeks of the same arse” being a highlight along with “Coveny must have been Sutherland’s choice” being another oh and the two descriptions of Trump at the press conference were hilarious!

  19. Brendan_

    Olga is the brain, the computer behind the John 10 tokens flash. Mike is like the person who reads the tweets on Vincent Browne. Ze tweet machine.

  20. Joxer

    had to bail due to that feedback problem….which was a pity…. Olga did great explaining that whole Referral mess…

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