A Venus And Apollo



Miss Apollo.

By Eamonn Dillon, who writes:

Last month I made a short film inside the walls of Apollo House; a personal story of Cheryl Murphy (top), one of the house’s residents and her aspirations for the future.

The short is called Miss Apollo and it tells of how Cheryl took part in a remarkable photo-shoot inside Apollo on January 6. This story focuses on the homelessness crisis at a personal level.

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4 thoughts on “A Venus And Apollo

  1. Johnny Keenan

    The spirt of #HomeSweetHome and #ApolloHouse should be kept alive now more than ever. This is a beautiful film well done Eamon and Cheryl.
    Really inspiring stuff

  2. Joe

    I’m a grown man and no word of a lie there was (is!) a tear in my eye after watching that. Beautiful film, wonderfully told, and captures the hope and aspiration that was Apollo House. Wishing Cheryl the very best in following her dream, she was a star in that film and I hope she’ll go far. We need the spirit of Apollo House and the warmth of human kindness it embodied more than ever now.

    Meanwhile, BS, ffs, stop making me cry! :’-)

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