You Can’t Take Away Our Freedom

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The excellent Here’s How current affairs podacast presented by journalist William Campbell (above) this week contains two stories on media FREEDOM.

William writes:

First I compare how RTÉ crime correspondent Paul Reynolds’ leak of the O’Higgins report contrasts with the actual document published two days later; and how RTÉ say Reynolds’ work has never been called into question.

….Secondly, I reports on EU moves to force websites like Broadsheet to pay a tax for links to online newspapers, and to pre-filter posted comments to meet the demands of old media.


Listen here

Here;s How

13 thoughts on “You Can’t Take Away Our Freedom

          1. wart

            I tried recently. He had Alex Jones on as a guest. It was incoherent and frankly unhinged. Any other suggestions?

          2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            But you only have Alex Jones on in order for him to act incoherent and unhinged…I would only listen to him for entertainment value, not opinions or facts or anything rational. Maybe his other guests would be more interesting.

          3. Clampers Outside!

            Aye… I like Sam….

            The Sam Harris v Jordon B Peterson debate was a disaster…. like a boxing match, where the two contenders of different schools couldn’t decide on the rules…. I hope they do a re-match :)

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