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RíRáIrish hip-hop legend lasts the test of time

What you may need to know…

01. One of the founding fathers of Irish hip-hop, Tullamore man RíRá helped lay the foundations for our homegrown beat game as part of Scary Éire, alongside DJ Mek, Dada Sloosh and Mr. Browne.

02. He’s been more than active since Scary Éire’s initial album-shelving-induced disbandment, with a string of singles, extended-plays and LPs, all self-released. In addition, he’s had countless features on Irish hip-hop releases, most recently of note, his collab with Waterford’s Nylon Primate.

03. Streaming above is the visual for new single Still Around, released on Monday, created and edited by Cras Cassidy.

04. Available for download and streaming now from Bandcamp and iTunes Music Store, if that’s more your bag.

Thoughts: One of the true “lifers” of Irish independent music affirms his commitment to doing things his way, waxing philosophical in his distinctive gritty tones.


3 thoughts on “You May Like This: RíRá

  1. Johnny Keenan

    A true trail blazer and a shockin nice fella. His music has always being relevant and will always stand the test of time. His biggest achievement to date is he hasn’t been play listed on mainstream radio and still has a massive underground following.
    If decent honest people could spend their hard earned cash and spend €1 to download ‘Still Around’ that would go a long way in keeping this midland Maverick around for another while.
    I always asked the question if Eminemm can get 70000 heads to see him live in Ireland surely RiRa can get 7000.
    C’mon Ireland let’s get behind one of our own who is firmly rooted in our psyche and has serious universal appeal.

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