There’s Only One Conor Murray


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On The Buses writes:

A brief glimpse at the ‘fanpic’ taken yesterday in Lansdowne Road reveals exactly how Conor Murray managed to make such an impact on the field….


Vodafone Fan Pic

French media reaction: ‘Conor Murray is a Rolls Royce’ (Irish Times)

21 thoughts on “There’s Only One Conor Murray

  1. Fully Keen

    Am I still drunk?

    Can somebody walk me through what I’m supposed to be looking at/for?

    I’ve tried for at least 10-15 seconds. I am bamboozled.

    1. TheQ47

      It took me a couple of minutes too, but here it is (I think)…

      Look at the guy in the Irish jersey on the left of the picture, holding the ball, left leg raised as if taking a step.
      Now look at the guy in the Irish jersey 2nd from left in the picture, also holding the ball.

      I don’t think there are twins on the Irish rugby team

      1. Rugbyfan

        Dav the hype merchants are those ‘fans’ who have never been inside an actual rugby club like the
        clowns in front of me on Saturday who spent the majority of the game on social media instead of watching the field where the game was taking place.
        And to core photo above, there was 3 Conor Murrays on the pitch.

    1. Topsy

      Jus.. to be fair they’re aren’t actually that many international rugby scrum halves on the planet, so not that difficult.

  2. Unlucky in locks

    I haven’t been checking the site the last few days, did Bodger provide the evidence on pizzagate that was going to show how real and not fake it totally is?


          1. edalicious

            I’d barge in to the Broadsheet offices demanding to see this evidence but I wouldn’t want to scare Karl’s mother.

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