You May Like This: Post-Punk Podge



Post-Punk PodgeLimerick agitprop

What you may need to know…

01. A very tall man clothed in padded envelopes and The Fall T-shirts, known to turn up at Naive Ted gigs to commandeer the house mic, has begun filing his own material for release.

02. Ted’s label, The Unscene, possibly out of some sort of intimidation or duress, has relented to his ideas, and a collaborative E.P. between the two is due this year.

03. Streaming above is debut single Post-Punk Election Party, released last May with the aid of his house band, the Technohippies. Possibly still relevant given the recent tumult in the Dáil?

04. He’s posting videos of himself in training for the next Community Skratch Games, in Galway over the upcoming Easter Weekend.

Thoughts: A riot for punx, noise types and the Irish political spectatorship alike. Worth the listen for the opening verse’s imagery alone!

Post-Punk Podge

One thought on “You May Like This: Post-Punk Podge

  1. martco

    subjective but always found PiL a bit disappointing, last time I went to see them it was a snore

    however u could buy any branded item you could possibly imagine up in the hall outside, how very punk :|

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