A League Of His Own


Bill Donolghue

From left: Bill Donohue and William Campbell

Here’s How, the current affairs podcast presented by journalist William Campbell faces down a Tuam unbeliever.

William writes:

Bil Donohue of the US-based Catholic League says that the Tuam babies story is a hoax dreamt up by anti-Catholic zealots. The Here’s How podcast challenges him with the facts…

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Here’s How

24 thoughts on “A League Of His Own

  1. heresathing

    you can’t argue with crazy
    and with mercenaries whose entire business model is based on appealing to the worst, saddest elements of crazy

    1. nellyb

      american fundies are american problem, unless they start roaming globe with index finder pointed to skies and carry sharp b&q tools to win debates.

        1. Sheik Yahbouti

          But nelly, these maniacs are bankrolling so many fundamentalist organisations it really is so far beyond a joke.

  2. Loan Some Cow Boy

    Good man Broadsheet

    I feel so much superior now knowing that there is some guy in America who I don’t agree with

  3. mildred st. meadowlark

    Well that was suitably repugnant.

    Hats off to William for keeping the head, because I threw my phone across the room while listening to him.

    1. rotide

      Why would you respect him for staying calm?

      It’s not like this tool phoned into William’s show. William actively sought out this guy knowing exactly the sort of crap he was going to spout. I’m willing to bet less than 1% of the population of both countries have ever heard of him to begin with. It’s basically an excerise in feeling superior.

      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        I see your point but it’s an emotive issue and good intentions etc. I personally would not have been able to rest so calm. I don’t believe it’s as simple as feeling superior either, it’s important to be aware and give voice to conflicting options. Denial is part of the problem.

        1. Janet, I ate my avatar

          if you only discuss stuff with voices that agree with you I believe it’s called the echo chamber effect

          1. rotide

            Completely agree with that Janet, but this goes way past that.

            Like, the americans viewpoint is so out there and extreme as to be ridiculous.

            A much better discussion would be one where differing views could have merit, such as discussing Enda’s argument about cultural complicity in mother and baby homes.

            This is like discussing Cancer and having a guest on that insists Lukemia gives you the pleasure of a thousand orgasms.

  4. Barry the Hatchet

    I usually enjoy Here’s How and I think William is a considered, intelligent and articular commentator. But I don’t see the purpose is giving people like Bill Donohue a platform. He is a man who has no interest in the facts, or in anything but pushing his own horrible agenda. Is anyone more enlightened after listening to this? How could they be? Has challenging Bill Donohue’s views, and allowing him to repeat them again and again without substantiation added anything to the debate? No. Will Bill Donohue come away from this delighted that he has the opportunity to tell Irish listeners about why Tuam is a hoax? I am certain he will. So what’s the point?

    1. rotide

      You’re absolutely correct. There was no point to this at all. He’s just playing to the crowd.

      Get a member of a previous government or civil service on and ask them questions about the apparatus but willfully seeking out a lunatic that no one has ever heard of spout crap serves no real purpose.

    2. Janet, I ate my avatar

      personally I’m lucky enough to live in a bubble where I don’t get to hear people voicing such ignorant nonsense. At least it serves a reminder that the battle is far from won in the fight for a humain rational world.

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