Eamonn Casey Has Died



RTÉ reports:

The death has occurred of Bishop Eamon Casey, the former Bishop of Galway. His passing was confirmed by a spokesperson for the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference.

He died early this afternoon in a nursing home in Newmarket-on-Fergus in Co Clare. He had been ill for some time.

Former Bishop of Galway Eamon Casey dies (RTE)

Pic: RTE

69 thoughts on “Eamonn Casey Has Died

    1. objective

      He didn’t look after the baby. Was only the luck of God it didn’t end up with the Bon Secours

  1. bisted

    …good man Eamo…guilty of the worst crime in the catholic church…a heterosexual with a penchant for consenting adults…

    1. objective

      @bisted The Church don’t like heterosexuals marrying cus when they die the Church has to look after the wife and the family. Thats why the Church invented Celibacy after about a hundred years of Christianity. In Rome it always comes down to EUROS. Just ask the Orders who are refusing to pay the State the money they owe as part of the Abuse compensation agreement.

  2. Panty Christ

    And the gardai investigated a claim he abused a grown woman. No charge ever brought. Funny that.

  3. Andrew Brennan

    He did want the woman he sexually exploited to have the child adopted. They argued in a Daughters of Charity home for single mothers, St Joseph’s, Dublin over adoption. Annie stood firm and elected to raise the baby. Well done, Annie.

  4. bisted

    …if Eamon had stuck to the altar boys like the rest of the clergy he’d have been swinging the crozier up to the end…we’d have a day out that would have put the recent send off for cardinal Connell in the h’penny place…they would have to cancel the st patricks day junckets…

  5. Friscondo

    Eamon Casey did a lot of good in a rotten institution. His support for the victims of the policies of a vicious US regime, in Latin America was commendable. He was then exposed as being human, with all the flaws most of the rest of us have. Let him who has not sinned, etc, etc.

    1. bisted

      …in fairness, Casey’s contribution to the movement towards separation of church and state should not be forgotten…

    2. Friscondo

      So let’s do an audit of your morally and ethically perfect life. I am humble enough to know I would fail on many fronts. But having said that I’m probably not the worst. Self awareness prevents me from stone throwing. There was real evil going on in the church, and don’t forget, with the complicity of the state, long before Casey came along. We are all guilty as a nation for that. Obviously some more than others. Irish people getting on their high horse only reminds me of why I ran out of the place in 1987. We all bear some portion of guilt, no matter how small, excepting the victims of church and state abuse. Casey was very small fry indeed.

  6. Frilly Keane

    Wasn’t he a divil on the road as well

    He’d get done for speeding/ failing breathalyzer/ dangerous driving – whatever the day of the week it was

    and then turn up at the Garda Station to complain to the Superintendent / Sargent

    1. martco

      my mam’s best friend did the books for Casey
      she used to tear the hair out all the time as they’d never balance…

        1. martco

          both herself and her friend have long passed on and thankfully it’s a fair while since I’ve seen homework but thanks all the same for your utterly pointless contribution

          1. Compassion Cash

            Topsy and Yep (same person ) are two top mugs. You absolutely just mugged him off. You should be proud.

      1. postmanpat

        I doubt Fr Peter McVerry’s books add up either. These fellas cant be trusted with kids or money.

  7. Horseman UR

    Who cares? All this looking back at the past and pointing the finger at yesterday’s hypocrisy is worthless

    1. bisted

      …don’t worry Horseman…you are not alone wishing all these horrible inconvenient truths would just go away…but how can we forget the bonking bishop…few people can have wreaked as much havoc within the church…many have used charities for their own selfish ends but Eamo was the original and the originator of the phenomenon knownn as compassion fatigue…will we ever see his like again…

  8. Milo

    Nothing like the death of someone to show the true nature of the bs posse. Hypocrisy indeed.

    1. bisted

      …the bs posse will wait a long time before it can emulate the hypocrisy personified by Casey…

    2. rotide

      I didn’t celebrate Bin Ladens death, nor Husseins nor Thatcher.

      I’ll leave that to the masses here who would cheerfully cheer the death of Joan Rivers

      1. bisted

        …Eamon was a great man for the masses…I don’t know who Joan Rivers was but I did celebrate Thatcher death…

    3. Scundered

      It’s a sad day when people celebrate the death of another human being, no matter who it is. The good news is that those who celebrate will also die too someday, oh wait this makes me guilty too now… I need to think about this.

      1. Bertie Blenkinsop

        I was thinking the very same thing yesterday evening…
        and then I saw Alex Ferguson at the Chelsea match.

      2. Steph Pinker

        It’s a sobering thought, Scundered, isn’t it? Death, as a fact of life, is one of the many aspects of living that we, as humans, have recognised and celebrated since time immemorial, and most of the evidence we have for this is [predominantly] thorough archaeological, and to a lesser extent, historical & anthropological records; hence, why do we fear it so much in some modern cultures? Fearing death is not a modern phenomenon; in ancient times some used to bathe in milk or blood to try and prolong their youth, and various cultures mummified the bodies of those of higher status to help their soul transition to the next life; but nowadays we also try to preserve our youth in so many ways, to the point of excess sometimes, especially regarding cosmetic surgery and cryogenics, yet, in other contemporary and prehistoric cultures and societies in the world, death is a welcome relief and sometimes an honour.

        What makes those of us in the Western World different from our ancestors, to the point whereby our perception of death has changed so much over time? Also, what makes us different from some of our Eastern, Northern or Southern distant cousins? Is it philosophy? Is it religion? Personally, I don’t think it’s religion because our ancient ancestors survived for millennia without any organised religious concepts; so, is it oppression, or power, or money (even though the use of currency is recent in the evolution of mankind?) Or, is it Darwinism in its purest state? Is life (or existence) really about competing to be the fittest, strongest, most successful propagator among many species and adapting to the most hostile environments? Is that why we celebrate the death of those we perceive as having more of a legacy than we will ever achieve in our own lives – regardless of how nefarious or delightful the legacy may be; is it because some people deviate beyond the bounds of our individual life experiences and the rest of us cannot/ do not want to relate due to our lack of imagination/ fear; or, is it a case that most of us, irrespective of where we live, or what culture we are raised in, are fated [unless we choose to change our destiny] to become part of the rabble?

        Scundered, I’m not having a pop at you, but your comment is very observant and succinct, and death, like taxes are the only two particulars applicable to the existence of everyone on this planet. If I went off on a tangent, forgive me – with that said, I’m off to plume my feathers… :)

    4. Daisy Chainsaw

      The hypocrisy is from those declaring him a good man! He wasn’t. He broke his vows, stole money, tried to have his illegitimate son given away/sold and I’m sure would have been happy to see his conquest locked in a laundry for a few years. Annie Murphy stood fast, raised a son by an indifferent, absentee father and was found guilty of being an uppity woman during her Late Late Show trial.

      Deadbeat Dad, thief, fornicator.

      1. MoyestWithExcitement

        “He broke his vows, stole money, tried to have his illegitimate son given away/sold”

        Yep, but he didn’t rape any kids so that makes him an ok guy who was just flawed like the rest of us. Because who hasn’t tried to get rid of at least one of their children to protect their reputation?

      2. This monkey's gone to heaven

        things were just different back then

        it’s all changed now though, happily

      3. rotide

        Unacceptable usage of Fornication: Making an entirely factual statement regarding abortion.

        Acceptable usage of the word Fornication: When making wild allegations about the dead.

        got it.

        1. MoyestWithExcitement

          Clearly you don’t. “Factual” statements can still contain lots of spin and those “wild accusations” are facts. What exactly do you edit? Yet again, you feel a need to attack an uppity peasant for speaking ill of her social betters.

          1. This monkey's gone to heaven

            It’s more likely Daisy was being wilfully sarcastic in using the word there.

            This kind of nuance goes over this guy’s head usually.

            I have a fair idea he must be on the spectrum.

        2. Daisy Chainsaw

          Noun. fornicator (plural fornicators) (pejorative) An unmarried person who engages in sexual intercourse, especially when considered to be of an illicit or illegal nature.

          I’m pretty sure an unmarried catholic clergyman having sex even with another consenting adult is Illicit and illegal under Canon Law.

          1. rotide

            I’m well aware of he definition of the word. Unfortunately most people round these parts were not when Michelle Mulherin used it.

  9. Kenny Plank

    May the Lord have mercy on our souls as RTE digs out and inflicts on us again that appalling Late Late interview of Annie Murphy by that pompous, portentous, Official Ireland turd Gay Byrne.

    1. Frilly Keane

      Be fair
      The Church are the bigger Hypocrites

      ostracizing the likes of Casey while they hide, cover up and deny the death of babies, their systematic abuse of women, their white slave trade, repositories and vaults of proven child abuse so long and far reaching the depth and strength of its angst could generate a mission to Mars. YET STILL INSIST THEY ARE ENTITLED TO ALL THEIR ASSETS.


      1. This monkey's gone to heaven

        Come on show compassion of course they are entitled to their asses

        .. ..oh, you mean…

    2. Nigel

      Of all the ones to be merciless and unforgiving towards, Casey wouldn’t be at the top of the list.

      1. This monkey's gone to heaven

        You’re such a heartless non-believer

        Has the light of the Lord never touched you?

  10. Spaghetti Hoop

    Was he a good Father but a bad father?
    Or the other way around?
    RIP anyhow and good wishes to Annie Murphy (whom I admired enormously for her courage) and their son.

    1. This monkey's gone to heaven

      Had a dad, big and strong
      Turned around, found my daddy gone
      He was the one made me what I am today
      It’s up to me now, my daddy has gone away
      Well I spoke to the mountain, I listened to the sea
      Both told me that the fountain was the best that you can be
      My daddy’s hand, it growed
      Slow to the lickin’ sonny boy
      Grow to whip him even tried to call
      Got that funny feeling
      He’s not there at all

  11. Peter Dempsey

    f I could rewind the clock, I would take Eamon out to eat fish and chips at McDonagh’s and we could talk about what God has been doing in our lives. For now, I must wait for the Wedding Feast of the Lamb before we dine together again.

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