We’re b’hic…

Ciamhie McDigital tweetz:

I’ve seen it all now!!! Just spotted Gin & Tonic POPCORN in @dunnesstores

11 thoughts on “G&T&P

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    Tell us the price and we have a ‘How Much’ post.
    In my vast experience of food marriages, the only items to decorate popcorn with are finely grated parmesan and ground black pepper. Ensure you leave some semi-popped kernels for the bottom of the bowl. Plus the Murphy’s ice-cream people did a splendid job with their gin ice-cream – I feel drunk just thinking about it.

  2. De Kloot

    If your only frame of reference is what you observe on the shelves of Dunnes Stores, then no, you most certainly have not seen it all…..

  3. Murtles

    Wayhayy, lunch sorted. Up yours boss you can stop me opening can of Bulmers under the desk but you can’t stop popcorn.

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